Makeup for Your Wedding: DIY Tips for a Picture-perfect Look

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Many women look forward to the day of their wedding. It is an event where they get to dress up in a dreamy gown, feel pampered, and be the center of attention. Many couples spend a fortune to look their best on their wedding day. After all, this is the day that they will cherish forever. All of their loved ones will be there to celebrate their union with them. More importantly, cameras will be around to capture and immortalize every moment of the big day.

But a wedding is costly. The couple will have to pay for the dresses and the tuxedos, the venue, the catering, the bar, the flowers, the sounds and lights provider, the wedding planner, and more. The list of expenses is very long.

Too many couples decide to cut costs by choosing to undertake some tasks by themselves. They do the planning, shop for party favors, hand-make the decorations, or do their own makeup.

Women already apply makeup almost every day, and there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube. How hard can it be?

Those who have experience applying makeup for events might not have a problem. However, amateurs should really hire a professional to do their makeup on their wedding day. There are so many factors at play that will affect how you look. The lights, the color theme of the event, and the longevity of the makeup products you use may make you look not as good as you hope.

If you insist on doing your own makeup on your wedding day, here are things to keep in mind.

Real Life Versus Photos

Your makeup will look different in real life and the final edited photographs. The photographer’s light set-up, the camera lenses, and the camera flash used will have an impact on the final image. That is why, sometimes, makeup artists apply a little too much blush and contour. The camera can make your makeup look washed out in photos.

However, it is also easy to go overboard. You have to find the balance between not looking too washed out and your makeup not looking too intense for real life.

Days before your wedding, practice your makeup and take photographs. It will allow you to assess and anticipate how your makeup will look on the big day. You should also share the photos with your wedding photographer, so they can give you advice on what will look good in the final images.

Moreover, when choosing your wedding photography and videography package, consider the techniques they employ so that you can select the right makeup. For example, when your photographer prefers to edit photos on the moodier side, you have to be light-handed with the bronzer application. Otherwise, your makeup will look very orange in the pictures.

Wedding-appropriate Products

The product you use will matter, too. You have to ensure that the product you are using does not contain glitter or zinc oxide because these two ingredients will reflect light in photos. Foundation with sun protection typically have zinc oxide and, therefore, cause a flashback that will be almost impossible for the photographer to fix. Although glitter in eyeshadow is trendy right now, it might not look as nice in photos.

Longevity is also an essential factor that should be considered. Your makeup has to look good throughout the ceremony and after. If your wedding is in summer, you have to ensure that your makeup will not melt under the heat and your sweat.

Remember to Blend

The key to a good makeup application is blending. One of the mistakes women make when they apply makeup is not blending enough. Your concealer, especially, should look seamless with your foundation. Otherwise, it will look obvious and further emphasize your dark circles and blemishes.

Your makeup should look natural. Your blush, bronzer and contour, and highlighter should make you look healthy, happy, and glowing from within.

Should You Get a Spray Tan?

A spray tan can make you look incredible if done right. However, it makes you look orange most of the time, not like you just came back from a vacation in Ibiza. Moreover, it could lead to other issues. Close up, your tan might look streaky, especially around your fingers. Your natural skin tone is fine and perfect as it is.

The Bottom Line

Couples spend so much on their wedding that hiring a makeup artist seems inconsequential. After all, most women apply their makeup every day. However, makeup is important because many things can go wrong and destroy your wedding photos. But you can apply your makeup as long as you remember these tips.

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