How to Get a Good Workout Outdoors


Although you’ve likely had the best intentions when you signed up for the gym membership contract at the start of the year, going to the gym every day can get tedious, fast. Whether it’s getting the chance to use your favorite workout machine or hunting for space during peak hours, working out at a gym can deplete your inspiration and emotional wellness over time. Remember, fitness comes in multiple forms, and you don’t need to suffer to get healthy—and what better way to stay active, fit, and have fun in the process than taking it outdoors?

Switch up your usual fitness regimen, ditch the gym, and get your fitness mojo back by trying any of the following outdoor activities.


Although kayaking is primarily an upper-body activity, it also efficiently works the muscles of your body’s core, back, and stomach, making it a fantastic all-around outdoor sport. If it’s your first time kayaking, make sure to rely on your body’s core instead of your arms to help you prolong the journey and get a good sweat on and enjoy the outdoors more. It’s best to begin by taking classes in a pool or any location with flat water. To help you prepare your body for the activity, make sure to work out your shoulders, lower back, and abs.

The best part about the sport is, after going through fast rapids and the end of streams, you can always relax in your boat and enjoy the view or fish while you’re at it. Ensure you use accurate spinning reels for your fishing rods to ensure you make the most out of the sport.

Take Advantage of Nature

If you have an abundance of nature in your surroundings, try and look for local trails and health retreats to encourage yourself to spend more time outdoors. Immersing yourself in your natural surroundings can help calm your nerves and improve your emotional wellness. You can do this by taking a hike. If you’re looking to hike, make sure to start on easy treks and work your way up.

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Take a Walk

Walking is the best activity for weight loss if you have a physical limitation or two that prevents you from partaking in intense exercises. It’s best to join mall-walking clubs or visit a school track after school hours or explore your town after work. Having a brisk 30-minute walk at least 3 to 4 times a week can get your heart pumping and energy levels high.

Train for Something Special

Training for anything ‘special,’ be it a competition like a triathlon, mud run, or something for the better good like charity walks, and other outdoor activities, is a great way to stay active outdoors. All these can help you stay focused on staying fit, and you can do this by yourself or partner up with meet-up groups, significant other, and friends.

Go Cycling

Bicycling is one of the best exercises to give your cardiovascular system a boost. It gives you a chance to explore your community by cycling to different neighborhoods, bike paths, trails, and parks. This outdoor activity targets your quadriceps more, which are the muscles on the front of your thighs. Regardless of your reason for choosing cycling, before you hit the road, make sure your bike is correctly fitted to your body.

Otherwise, you’ll place excess stress on your back and knees—cutting your cycling trip short. If you’ve never tried biking before, it’s best to join a demo program or go to a bike shop and try a bike out, and you should go for a softer seat that’s not too wide. All these are crucial for your safety and comfort. Besides the bike itself, you’ll need a helmet and gloves with palm paddings.

Jogging or Running

Jogging and running are great for one’s heart and lungs, improving stamina and endurance. Plus, if you’re looking to lose weight, jogging and running burns more calories and faster than merely walking.

However, if you’re looking to participate in either, make sure to start slowly. That’s because going too soon can result in sore legs, back, neck, or even more severe injuries. It’s best to follow the general rules of increasing your time and distance, which should be around 10% every week.

It’s best to do them slowly and steadily to allow your joints and muscles to adapt to vigorous movements, training these body parts for better performance—and all you need is a decent pair of running shoes and a quality sports bra for women.

Whether you’re trying the activities mentioned by yourself or with friends, it allows you to be active and stay fit without forcing you to go to the gym, enabling you to work out your muscles while having fun and switching up your routine.

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