Home Sweet Home: Three Things Every Homebody Can Relate To

woman uhsing her laptop while lounging on couch

To some, their idea of fun is going out with friends, hopping from one bar to another, crashing a party, and then ending up sleeping there. But to others, fun is chilling on the couch, watching reruns of their favorite TV show, or sipping some wine or tea — usually alone. If you’re part of the “others,” then you’re a certified homebody. For sure, you can relate to these things:

You’re uncomfortable about dates

Precisely because it means leaving the couch and putting on pants. When your friends set up dinner or movie dates, it’s either you get the sweats or you just let out a sigh. When you go to the date, the moment you step out of the door, you’re already thinking what time you’ll bail out — and how you’re going to bring it up in the middle of the eating and the laughing. But typically, you’ll just say no.

There is nothing wrong with leaving early or skipping dates. But if you’re doubtful about going out, there’s a way to chill at your home and still connect with your buddies. Tell them to come over at your place. If your friends have been going out to clubs all their lives, they will surely welcome this change. It may just start a different kind of fun in your squad. Being the host, of course, you have to get some stuff ready, like food. If you’re near Vancouver, pizza delivery downtown is the answer to your need.

You like to do things from your phone

using credit card for online purchase from phone

Whether it be catching the latest movies, shopping for a bridal dress, or talking to a therapist, you do everything from your phone. Your mantra in life is that if you can do things right in the comfort of your own home using your phone, then why put the pants on and step out? Just a word of caution when you do things online, though, especially shopping: Go to trusted sites only. You don’t want to spend a thousand bucks and then wait for weeks for an item that’s not genuine. You also don’t want your credit card information to be revealed to tricksters.

Go to credible online stores only. Beware of misspelling as you type the website names and the different top-level domains, such as “.net” rather than “.com”. Tricksters capitalize on these, buying those websites to confuse you. Then they will make you think that they’re legitimate and squeeze money out of you. There is nothing wrong with doing everything in the comfort of your own home, but you don’t want to be scammed and sorry in your online shopping.

You never get the FOMO

Even if you’re constantly on your phone, seeing all these posts from relatives who have gone to an exotic island on the other side of the world, you don’t feel envious. In fact, the next three times they would ask you to go with them, you’d still confidently say, “No thanks.” You’re so happy with whatever you do at your home that you don’t get the “fear of missing out” or FOMO. But if your Friday rom-com movie nights turn into a boring, dragging routine, though, try other equally enjoyable activities such as learning a new language, reading a novel, and pampering yourself in a spa-like retreat in your bathroom. You will never run out of things at home. You will never get the FOMO, for sure.

Do you love being at home all the time? Is your idea of fun lying on the couch for countless hours? Welcome to the club. You’re a certified homebody.

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