When Should You See a Chiropractor?

Chiropractor in action

No matter what activities we do, back pain seems to be unavoidable. On the one hand, spending too much time being sedentary can lead to poor posture, which can lead to back pain. On the other hand, however, participating in physical activities, such as sports, exercise, and heavy lifting can also result in the back muscles becoming painful.

Because of this, chiropractic services are becoming more and more sought after in Salt Lake City and the rest of the country. A chiropractor specializes in the treatment of the spine, with the rationale that all parts of the body are connected to the spinal column. In particular, the primary service offered by chiropractors is known as chiropractic adjustment or alignment, wherein the spine is manually adjusted back to its natural position, freeing it from the nerve interference that results in pain.

While there have been some accidents that have resulted from a visit to the chiropractor, particularly in instances where a complete diagnosis was not performed first, many have reported feeling much better and rejuvenated after visiting a chiropractor. Here are some signs that you might have to visit one soon as well:

1. You are experiencing chronic pain in your neck and back

Chronic neck and back pain is the primary reason many visit the chiropractor. This can be the result of a misalignment in the bones and muscles, or from strained muscles caused by poor posture.

At the same time, you may visit the chiropractor if you feel pain anywhere else in your body, such as in your limbs and joints. This pain may be the result of a misalignment in your spine, which in turn is affecting the rest of your body. Chiropractic treatment can help increase blood flow and nerve connectivity, thereby treating the pain without the need for invasive procedures.

2. You feel your mobility has become more limited

If you feel pain when stretching or moving your shoulders, hips, and neck, this is probably a sign that you need to visit a chiropractor. Any difficulty in rotating or turning your joints, or performing simple joint exercises can also be a cause for chiropractic treatment.

This lack of mobility and flexibility can be caused by tight or pinched muscles, tissues, or nerves. By realigning your bones and joints, chiropractic treatment can relieve pain and thus increase the body’s range of motion, which makes you feel and perform better.

3. You have been spending much time lying or sitting down

Woman holding her waistPoor posture and a lack of movement that results from being sedentary can simultaneously weaken your muscles and place unwanted pressure on them. This, in turn, affects your body’s alignment, as you get used to being hunched over.

Visiting a chiropractor will help restore your body to its proper alignment. Once your spine is correctly aligned, you will be better able to develop good posture, which in turn reduces the pain in your back and joints.

4. You have started to pursue a physically demanding sport

If you have just begun to exercise or play sports regularly, your body will be subjected to additional strain and pressure that you are not used to. The same is true if you have decided to increase the intensity of your exercise and training. The additional stress can result in pinched nerves or other problems with your body’s alignment.

Regularly visiting a chiropractor can help keep your body at its best. This will make your exercise more pain-free and allow you to perform at your best level.

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