Getting the Most of a Rustic Venue For a Winter Wedding

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Rustic is one of the most versatile wedding themes. Its aesthetics is just alluring, and countryside venues feel irresistibly warm, cozy, and inviting. It’s no wonder it’s popular.

If you’re getting married in winter, then a rustic theme will even be more appealing. Here are some great ideas to make your rustic wedding feel like a fairy tale, from your wedding dress down to the details of the event styling:

Wedding Dress, Makeup, and Accessories

Crochet scarves are only fitting for a rustic theme. For the bouquet and boutonniere, pick out the seasonal blooms and greens, such as holly, berries, and evergreens. You may also add some pinecones to the arrangement and use some twine to put them all together.

Consider getting braids as your hairstyle; Wound around your head like a crown, you’d look magnificent pictured with delicate snowflakes, a rustic backdrop, and of course, your seasonal bouquet. But if you opt for a more dramatic look, try making a crown out of holly, instead. It will give you a more youthful appearance.

And for your wedding makeup, why not go for a bold, red lip? It’s the best color for the season, and also a brilliant pop of color against your white gown and the frost-covered surroundings.

Wedding Venue

You can find excellent rustic wedding venues around Minnesota and other places. Make sure the place has sufficient heating, lots of natural decorations such as greenery and flowers, and has the size that can accommodate the number of your guests.

Utilize your venue’s features and indoor backdrops, such as a nice fireplace. Make it a focal point, embellishing the mantel with florals, greens, and other pieces with a pop of color so it’d stand out.

If you’re choosing a farm venue, it’d be fun to take wedding photos with the horses! You should also pose for more photos with the gorgeous evergreen and pine trees around the venue as your backdrop.

Decor and Other Visual Elements

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Choosing decors would probably be the most exciting part of planning your rustic winter wedding. Besides the natural aesthetics already provided by the venue, you also have a wide range of options on visual elements that can further enhance it.

Your color scheme is among those. An all-white palette is ideal given the season, accentuated with bright and vivid hues such as greens and reds. Lay bouquets of white roses, lush greens, berries, and other seasonal blooms on top of each table as a centerpiece. Add candles as well, because its warm glow complements perfectly well with the rustic aesthetic.

Use wooden decors as well, such as wood slices for placemats or coasters, for example. If not for your dining ware, the wood slices can be used to have candles, branches, or nuts placed on top of them.

Play with textures as well. Velvet is essentially the ideal fabric for winter weddings, but since you’re going for a rustic theme, it would be better to layer it with other more textured fabrics such as tartan.

Instead of the usual white drape over chairs or a classic ribbon tied around them, dress up the chairs with garlands. It’s more unique and totally in coherence with the natural aesthetic of rustic venues. Provide other comfortable and more casual seating areas as well, like a cozy living room set or lounge area. It’ll even be better to place it by the fireplace to make it truly snug.

With all of these ideas presented, did you just get more excited for your winter wedding? There are many more amazing tips and ideas to explore, so don’t hesitate to expand your options. You don’t need a lot of money to pull off a splendid rustic winter wedding, too, so frugal brides don’t have to worry.

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