Fishing: Is It the Key to a Calmer Mind?

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If you’ve been feeling blue or burnt out for a while, it’s time to pack your bags, buy a fishing rod, and go on a fishing trip.

According to psychologist Niels Eék, co-founder of the self-development and mental wellbeing platform Remente, taking time off in the presence of Mother Nature may be the key to good mental health. He adds that daily exposure to nature (of up to seven hours) can improve your self-esteem and reduce feelings of stress.

There are plenty of ways to boost your mental health in the presence of nature. Typical activities include biking, camping, and hiking. But if you want to follow the experts’ top choice, why not go on salmon fishing trips in Alaska?

Fishing and Your Mental Health

A survey from the Recreational Fishing Initiative Scheme reports stress relief and relaxation are the main benefits you can get from recreational fishing. The researchers arrived at a conclusion using data from Fishbrain, a mobile app and social network for individuals who enjoy fishing.

The free app has been downloaded by millions of users who consider fishing as a self-care hobby. The app comes with an interactive map that enables users to find the best places to fish, plan trips, record their catches, share fishing techniques, and more.

A browse through Fishbrain users’ testimonials sees more people attesting to the mental benefits of fishing. One user says recreational fishing has been critical to his mental health. According to him, fishing relieves him from the stress that comes with his job as a production manager.

The Fishing and Happiness Connection

man holding a fishFishing has a surprising link to improved well-being and happiness. According to research, just immersing yourself in nature can improve your memory, mood, and self-esteem. Scientific evidence also shows that regular fishing can decrease your risk for certain cancers and reduce your blood pressure.

In an article for The Metro, psychologists Nick Cooper and Mark Wheeler said that fishing is also an effective way to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During their study, they discovered that one fishing trip reduced the PTSD symptoms among war veterans by 30 percent.

Veteran Stewart Bayford told The Metro that fishing helps him rest his brain for a moment. The quietness without distractions that come with fishing enables him to quiet his mind. After his fishing trip, he managed to sleep properly every night.

Other Benefits of Fishing

Quieting your mind can require immersing in a quiet environment. Fishing offers a perfect way to cut through the noise. You can calm your mind as you sit in the middle of the silent bodies of water and focus on catching fish.

Fishing is also a great source of exercise. Whether you’re casting a net or wading through rivers, fishing can help you burn calories and reduce your anxiety and depression through regular exercise.

A restful break from the hustle and bustle can make a big difference to your mental health. If you wish to find some peace of mind, turn to fishing, and find your inner peace.

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