Get People to Advertise Your Brand

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Visibility is essential in a brand’s success. Direct endorsements through word of mouth are particularly useful, and you can have people do it unknowingly.


People will gladly use free promotional items if they are functional. A big logo on a bag or umbrella won’t matter to a customer who got a free item. Of course, nothing too loud or colorful; you want your branded item to be used in public. Pens and keychains are fine, but they’re a bit small. They’re hardly visible and aren’t displayed prominently. Go for more significant items with enough space for at least a 5-inch logo.

Branded Merchandise

You get to advertise, and you get a bit of money. Branded merchandise like shirts, caps, and mugs can potentially last years, providing free advertising every time they’re used. Someone wearing your branded shirt is unknowingly promoting your brand, as will a coffee mug placed on top of an office desk. You can include merchandise as part of a promotional package or outright sell them. Loyal customers and their friends would potentially buy your merchandise like souvenirs, gifts, or even collections.


Local events and charities are excellent opportunities to promote your brand. Provide a few freebies for participants, as well as the people involved in the event. Donations to charity are tax-deductible, so you are practically garnering free advertising. You’ll also be introducing your brand to a wide group of people who might not be aware of it at zero cost to your company. You get to interact and cultivate stronger ties with your community, and you’ll also receive a slight PR boost for helping the community.

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Partnering- up with another business is quite effective at the community level. It can be as simple as agreeing to put in a good word for each other or actual tie-ins that incentivize customers to patronize both brands. You can exchange a few flyers from a non-competing brand and have it displayed near the counter while the other party does the same for you. Membership cards that provide discounts in individual establishments are quite effective in small communities, serving as both an endorsement and an incentive.

Phone Apps and Social Media

A small logo on the phone might not seem like much, but if you send notifications on promos and new deals over that phone, the phone’s owner will likely share it with friends. Of course, getting a dedicated phone app will cost a lot of money ($10,000-$50,000 at the minimum), but you can use social media sites as a proxy. Send regular updates a couple of times a month or when you have special events or promos that you want to push. Greet your customers on their birthdays or during special occasions. If your posts are particularly exciting or funny, the chances of people sharing them skyrockets.

Overall, you must combine traditional and modern techniques to make your brand more visible. There’s no better advertising than the endorsement of actual people, and that endorsement isn’t hard to get.

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