The Best Exercises for a Healthy Heart


Our heart is one of the essential organs of our body. It’s the center of the circulatory system, and without it, many other organs will cease to function. Unfortunately, in the U.S., heart disease is at an all-time high. So if we genuinely want to take care of our heart, we’ll have to do some physical exercises to avoid all sorts of diseases that can affect it.

It’s estimated that about 30 million Americans have some heart disease. This number is increasing rapidly as more Americans become obese throughout the years. In addition, heart disease has been connected to the lack of exercise among many Americans. Nowadays, exercise seems to be a rare activity as gyms have been forced to close down, and people must stay at home because of the pandemic.

Thankfully, there are many exercises out there that can help you live with a much healthier heart. However, it’s essential to know that some of these exercises have some requirements, like a swimming pool. But if you don’t have these requirements, it’s okay! You can still do the rest.


This has been known to be the number one exercise for a better heart. It hits all parts of the body as well, making it a good way to lose weight.

It’s quite easy to overlook swimming as an essential exercise for everyone, simply because many people do it for fun. However, the act of swimming alone can easily put your heart in a better place. But what exactly can swimming do for you?

Well, for starters, swimming can make your heart larger, and since the heart is a muscle, it’s good to increase its overall size. The larger the heart, the more quality blood it can pump. Another advantage of swimming is that it can increase cholesterol HDL related to bodily function. Essentially, this can decrease the chances of coronary diseases by 30% to 40%. That’s a huge decrease.

Swimming can also decrease the chances of diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Overall, it’s a great exercise that can help you have a better body. However, many don’t have a pool in their homes. So what’s a good alternative to swimming?

Other Aerobic Exercises


Generally, swimming is considered an aerobic exercise, and it’s considered the best aerobic exercise out there. But if you don’t have access to a pool, you’re free to do alternative aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and more. They might not have the same effects as swimming because they don’t use other parts of your body as much, but if you do them consistently, they can have the same effects as swimming.

Aerobic exercises are generally good for reducing cholesterol levels and helps you burn fat. But if you want to build muscles while also looking out for your heart, strength exercises can work as well.

Resistance Training (Strength Exercises)

For many people, aerobic exercises such as swimming aren’t enough. If you want to fully reduce your chances of getting a coronary disease, then resistance training is for you.

Studies have shown that resistance training can reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease by a staggering 70%. It can also help better circulation and convert fats into muscles. That’s much higher than aerobic exercises. However, it’s important to know that resistance training isn’t meant for everybody. Some out there might struggle in doing such exercises, while some can’t fully do it. So make sure to consult a doctor before doing this kind of exercise.

So what are some strength exercises you can do in the comfort of your home? There are lots: push-ups, weight lifting, squats, planking, and more. Most of these can help develop your muscles and even strengthen your core. These are good benefits of the heart because your body can function more efficiently.


Lastly, if you don’t think you can do all of those exercises above, just do stretching; everybody can do it. Stretching might not have a big effect as much as the ones we’ve listed above, but it can have similar and gradual effects on your heart and body if you do it consistently.

One benefit of stretching is that it awakens your circulatory system. This means that it’s great if you need a surge of energy early in the morning. Stretching also prepares your heart for what’s up ahead, so it won’t have to strain itself too much. Stretching for ten minutes every day can make a huge difference for your heart. It will also make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

These are essential activities you can do for a healthy heart. Our heart is crucial to our lives, and we should take care of it the best way we can.

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