5 Types of Photographs You’d Want to Go For

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Twelve years after Instagram was introduced, the personal photography revolution still continues. Everyone who has a smartphone has taken the time to take their own selfies, as well as shot some food pictures. The personal camera has changed over the years, and it has evolved from the Polaroids and Kodak Instamatics to the advanced smartphone cameras behind Instagram posts. What’s interesting is that even as ordinary users take more pictures, there is still the awe and respect given to professional photographers.

Today’s families no longer take the time to go to a photographer’s studio to take the family portrait. The photographer takes family portraits everywhere there are family gatherings. These are just some of the new traditions that are being adopted in today’s visual lifestyle.

However, there are still areas where traditional photographs are preferred over camera phone snaps. Here are a few of them:

1. Family Portraits

Professional photographers have unique skills and equipment to produce evocative pictures of families and other groups. Formal family portraits have given way to other shots, including group jump shots and wacky shots, as well as other concept shots. Professionals, with their advanced equipment, take the time to study the subjects and the environment before taking the pictures. The resulting images are full of memories and references, as well as inside jokes. Well crafted images stand out when blown up and framed.

2. Save the Date

First, it was the pre-nuptial photoshoot with the requisite staged pictures and concept images. These days, it is fairly common to have a “save the date” announcements and invitations, also with pictures and a story concept. These are occasions where professionals are taking a hand in presenting the affianced couple to their friends and relatives in a new light.

It is also another opportunity for the couple to show off their creative side. A walk-in under the forest canopy, or alone in the middle of the wheat field, as well as rustic picket fences, are used as backdrops for these photographic celebrations.

3. Company Anniversaries or Kickoffs

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These are events on the corporate calendar marking a milestone. It is a time to show off on social media as both a marketing tool and a recruitment opportunity. The message is clear, “this is where we are now, and that is where we’re going.” It can be goofy or wacky, but it is also corporate. A case in point is mergers where pictures of IDs are shown on the table, and the image is posted on Facebook or Instagram. It is a turn over at the same time as a time for a change. The images document these events.

4. Welcome the Newborn

This is distinct from the baby shower or the baptism. This is just celebrating the baby. In parts of Australia, including Melbourne, experienced newborn photographers take this seriously. It is not that easy to take a picture of a baby. Brainstorming for the concept is just the beginning. The actual shoot takes professionalism to new levels.

5. Photobooths

These are easy to find and set up. However, the concept is where the professionals show their mettle. This is not a penny arcade. It is a way to show event fun and photographic passion.

Social media has changed the way pictures are taken. That should not be the case. There is a middle ground where a picture is a notable milestone for social media and at the same time, it is good enough to be framed and displayed on the wall. This is where professional photography comes in.

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