What You Should Wear to Impress Your Date

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Impressing your date can be incredibly hard. You’ve got to put your best foot forward, and no matter the amount of matchmakers advice you have read online, it’s ultimately a matter of luck. However, there are some ways you can amp up your personality and showcase yourself as a charming and lovable person. One of these ways, most emphasized upon by matchmaking experts, is dressing up well.

Your outfit for a date could impress the person you are on a date with or completely put their mood off. After all, your date wants someone who dresses snazzily and looks like they’ve put in an effort. Putting together such an outfit can be very tough, but here are a few best looks that are sure to impress your date from the first look.

Wear an outfit that fits

When it comes to looking smart and presentable, experts always suggest wearing clothes that fit you well. If you are someone with large body proportions, loose-fitting clothes could make you look larger and tighter clothes would highlight the body parts you wish to hide. If you are someone with smaller body proportions, not wearing your right size could make you look sloppy. The best clothing items to help you fit well include a slim button-down shirt, a straight cut dress, a tailored jacket, or slim-fitting jeans.

Choose colors that suit you well

Experts suggest that the go-to option for any date look should mostly be red or black. Wearing a red outfit or an outfit with hints of red makes you look very smart and passionate. You can consider wearing a red dress or whip out your best red footwear options. However, if red seems too loud a color and you like sober looks, choose to go with black.

Black is a very safe color when it comes to outfits for a date. The black color transforms your entire look and makes you appear sophisticated and well put together. If you are a woman, consider wearing a fitted black top along with comfortable heels. If you are a man, consider opting for a fitted black dinner jacket over a shirt of a lighter shade.

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Accessorize your look

Your outfit isn’t the only part of your look that’s going to impress your date. The key is to put together a cohesive look with smart accessories that would add to your entire persona and boost your personality. Consider adding a beautiful watch to your look. If you are going for a day time date, wear a casual watch that has lighter colors. If you are going for a nighttime date, wear a sleek and sophisticated watch that would add to your look. Adding a nice smelling cologne could also be an excellent accessory.

Pay attention to footwear

Even if it is a daytime date, experts always suggest that you wear casual hoodies or open-toed slippers. Always wear smart and clean shoes no matter the kind of date you are going for. For daytime looks, men can consider wearing casual shoes that don’t look too worn. Women can wear staples like flats for comfort and style. You can go smarter with your choices for a nighttime appearance, such as dress shoes and heels.

With these ideas in mind, you can prepare your look when you have a date in the future. This way, you can look the best for them.

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