Wedding Checklist: How to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day


Planning a wedding will take up a lot of your time and energy. At times, you will find yourself doing follow-ups and last-minute changes. You will be extremely busy talking to suppliers, finalizing the guest list, and making sure that your wedding will be perfect. However, because of this, you might forget some important activities that you also need to do before the big day. This includes taking care of your health and achieving beautiful and glowing skin.

Keep in mind that brides often get a lot of attention during weddings. Thus, you need to ensure that you will look your best during your special day. Aside from all the attention, you also need to do it for yourself because it can be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Remember, you will be marrying the love of your life, so you have to ensure that you are at your 100% best as much as possible. To do this, you need to include time for taking care of your health, especially your skin. You will lose a lot of sleep during wedding preparations. That’s why you have to do your best to avoid looking tired or unhealthy during the wedding. Here are a few options that you can do before the big day:

  • Consult your trusted dermatologist— Achieving a clear and flawless skin is probably what most brides want during the wedding. Thus, you need to consult skin experts like dermatologists and aestheticians to take a look at your skin’s condition. They will provide insights into the best methods and products that will help treat your skin. It’s best to do this a few months before the wedding so that you can start following appropriate beauty routines for your skin.
  • Invest in skin brightening products—After consulting your dermatologist, request for skin-brightening product recommendations. It’s best if you can take home a few products so that you can make it an everyday routine for several months or days. This will help you achieve healthy and glowing skin for your big day.


  • Book hair removal clinics—Start looking for trusted clinics for laser hair removal in Salt Lake. Ensure that you book regular monthly visits to ensure that you keep hair at bay even before the big day. Laser hair removal may be more expensive than shaving or waxing, but it offers a safer and more effective way of removing unwanted hair.
  • Make juicing a habit—Wedding planning can be stressful, and it may take a toll on your body. As a result, you will find yourself looking tired and stressed most of the time. To combat this, you can start drinking “green juice.” Make smoothies from fruits and vegetables, especially green, leafy ones. Drinking this once a day will help you achieve great skin.
  • Stick to healthy eating—Reducing weight may be one of your priorities. However, you have to prioritize eating healthy food and snacks. Also, ensure that you still have a balanced diet so that you don’t just look fabulous, but you also maintain a healthy body.  Avoid consuming junk food and overconsuming carbohydrate-rich and sugar-filled food and snacks.

As you prep yourself for the wedding, consider suggesting some grooming and styling tips to your groom as well. Remember, you and your soon-to-be-husband will be the center of attention during the big event. It’s best if both of you make all the preparations before the wedding. Indeed, it’s important to follow up with all your suppliers. However, both of you shouldn’t also forget that it’s also essential to include self-care in your wedding preparation checklist.

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