Tips For Reducing Cancer Prostate Cells

In this video, a doctor explains an easy and proven way to reduce the amount of prostate cancer cells in your body. Studies have shown that exercise can significantly reduce the size of prostate tumors and the number of cancerous cells. It activates the immune system to reduce the cancer in prostate cells as if they were germs. There are links to each survey provided in the video’s credits.

Swimming Used in First Study

The first study asked people to swim for 45 to 50 minutes five days per week. The study used blood tests before and after the exercise. The subjects’ levels of prostate cancer cells were tested before and after the swimming sessions. By the end of the study, the subjects’ level of prostate cancer was reduced by 30%.

Cycling Used in Second Study

The second study was done in Sweden. It featured sessions consisting of one hour of intense cycling. Monitoring the subjects of those sessions showed a 31% reduction in cancer cells, with the reduction beginning as soon as the subjects’ heart rate increased due to the exercise. The studies suggest aerobic exercise is the most effective type of exercise to affect this reduction in cancer cells.

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