Time for a Taste of Korean Fried Chicken

chicken drumstick

Flavourful fried chicken may not be what you are thinking when you have a craving for Korean food here in Singapore. That is a huge gap in food knowledge we will try to fill now. The fried chicken they enjoy on a daily basis in Korea is tender, juicy, savoury and crispy all at the same time.

A unique and unforgettable meal

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried Korean-style fried chicken yet. It stands out because of the way it is fried, and the bright and shiny coating that carries the mouth-watering flavour combination of spicy and sweet. It is the combination of lightness and sumptuousness that makes it an unforgettable meal.

No other chicken preparation offers a crisp and light exterior with moist and unseasoned chicken meat. The chicken we are proud to call our favourite is bite-sized and served with a side dish of pickled cucumbers and pickled radish.

A hit twice over

Genuine Korean-style chicken is always crispy and never soggy. To fry the chicken properly, the oil must be temperature controlled. The frying technique used in cooking the chicken sets the Korean-style chicken apart.

After the chicken thigh or breast pieces are dipped in egg, transfer them to a bowl filled with corn starch and baking powder for a thin coating. The next step is to bring the chicken to the frying pan and fry it twice.

The first frying usually takes 10 minutes, after which the oil is shaken off, and the chicken cools for two minutes. The main objective of frying first in low temperature is to prime the meat and keep the tenderness of the flesh.

The second frying takes less than 10 minutes when the cook ensures the meat is well done and the skin is golden. The second bout of frying renders fat contained in the skin. This step makes the crust watery thin and lends it a crackling crispiness that transforms the experience of eating fried chicken to another level.

Korean spice paint

fried chicken with celery and dip

The sauce that makes up the unique coating of Korean fried chicken consists of ketchup, sugar and gochujang paste. The sauce is brushed lightly so that it is incorporated into the crust. The main component of the sauce is gochujang.

If this is the first time you have heard of gochujang sauce, then you should learn more about it. It is essentially a red chilli paste condiment that defines the flavour of Korean style fried chicken. Aside from chilli, gojuchang is made from several raw ingredients, which are salt, fermented soybeans and Asian glutinous rice.

This product is available in most supermarkets in the UK. Gochujang may be pungent to those who encounter it for the first time, but the taste it gives the chicken is totally irresistible. Just make sure you are ready for a hit of Korean hot and spicy.

If you are serving Korean fried chicken to a set of people who are keen on eating food with a good measure of heat, then expect requests for another serving.

Yangnyeom chicken is the traditional name of Korean-style fried chicken. You can try to make it at home, or order from a place offering authentic Korean recipes. Candy chicken is a popular nickname for the dish. Try it now and remember that it goes very well with beer!

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