The Truth About ADHD That We Should Pay Attention To

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Being a parent has its fair share of joys and frustrations. On the one hand, children, especially those within the toddler age, can be such big balls of energy. Because young kids are naturally curious, they tend to run everywhere and pick anything they can shove into their mouths. At most times, kids can drive their parents crazy with their (sometimes) risky antics.

But these traits are what make children adorable and loveable. No matter how headstrong they are, they have this irresistible charm and their simple way of expressing their love towards their parents. To ensure that your kids are growing healthy and strong, you should take your child for a regular checkup to doctors specializing in Pediatrics in West Jordan, Utah.

When being too active is too much

As mentioned, young children tend to be hyperactive most of the time. For one thing, they have lots of energy and want to try out things that would satisfy their curiosity. It is also usually normal for kids to have shorter attention spans and prefer to play over homework. But sometimes, being too much active and impulsive can actually be a sign of a disorder.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a neurological disorder that usually affects children younger than seven years old. Common signs of a child with ADHD include short attention span, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. However, it can be hard to determine whether the child is just exhibiting normal child behavior or has already the signs of ADHD.

Having a child who is diagnosed with ADHD can be overwhelming. You may even blame yourself to your child’s situation. However, this should not be the case. In fact, a lot of parents all over the world are able to overcome the challenges of dealing with their children with ADHD.

Common myths about ADHD

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There are common myths that somehow twist the real facts about ADHD. Here are some of them, and the truth behind these myths.

Myth: If your child is hyperactive, he or she has ADHD.
Truth: While hyperactivity is one of the major symptoms of ADHD, it is not always the case. In fact, there are some children diagnosed with ADHD that are rather lethargic and seem unmotivated most of the time.

Myth: Children with ADHD will never be able to stay put and be attentive.
Truth: In general, children with ADHD are still able to focus on various activities. However, their focus may shift faster on repetitive tasks. In other words, children with ADHD may thrive more on varying rather than repetitive activities.

Myth: Children with ADHD tend to be attention-seekers.
Truth: Sadly, children with ADHD are often judged as attention-seekers, headstrong, and disobedient. However, these are only the effects of the disorder, and judging them negatively won’t do any good.

Myth: ADHD will be outgrown eventually.
Truth: Unfortunately, this condition may persist even in adulthood. That is why it is important to seek professional medical treatment while they are still young.

Children with this condition deserve better, much more they do not deserve the negative judgment associated with having ADHD. They are children, after all who deserve all the love and care in the world no matter their imperfection and flaws are.

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