The Power of Ambiance and Ways to Create It


An event’s success hinges on different factors one of which is the ambiance. Guests at the event will remember what they felt and experienced more than what they ate or even what the speaker talked about. Setting the atmosphere is important, and relies on various things to converge.

Experts cite that when choosing a corporate event space in New York or anywhere else, factor in the following things to create the ideal ambiance.

Lighting Up the Event

One of the ways to create the ideal ambiance is the lighting. The lights used dictate the mood, create an atmosphere and makes a good first impression. It can produce an air of intimacy, openness and other emotions you want to elicit.

It also highlights certain aspects of the venue such as the stage and speakers or performers, the audience and the best features of a room. Hire lighting professionals to get the most out of your chosen place.

Setting the Tone with Music

The music of an event is part of a whole that creates the ideal ambiance. It can liven up the occasion with bass beats or slow it down with an instrumental. Classical and jazz are staples because of the mood they create which is calming and just right.

Organizers must also consider the type of crowd that will attend the event, are they younger or older? In some cases, clients will bring their own tunes. Adjusting the music played during different segments of an event also set the tone.

Starting with a Friendly Welcome

business handshake

Nothing beats an old-fashioned smile and handshake or any type of greeting similar to it. This warm welcome sets the mood for the entire night. You want to make a good impression on guests from the very beginning of the event.

Small things matter when it comes to creating ambiance. Choose waiters, waitresses and staff members that have a friendly disposition. Everything may be perfect from the tablecloths to lighting to music, but bad customer service carries a lot of weight.

Layout and Setup of the Space

Create a memorable experience by making parts of the space interactive. One such way to do so is to have a photo booth.

Let guests take pictures of the event; this is a souvenir they can take home and look back to long after the occasion is over. If photo booths are too vanilla, get creative by installing virtual reality stalls, costumes or other similar gimmicks.

The Location

The address of the venue plays an important role in creating ambiance. Its capacity must be enough for the number of guests, facilities and the layout you want to execute.

Find a place that is novel to have an immediate positive effect on those that arrive. A detail you shouldn’t miss is that it must have parking space or access to public transportation.

The Presentation

Follow a theme from the décor to the music; doing so creates both ambiance and a sense of unity. The presentation of the food and drinks will catch the eyes of event goers.

The setting of the glasses, plates, and cutlery are small details that fit into a beautiful whole. The curtains, colors, and decorations are also important to set pieces that create a mood.

Creating ambiance is a combination of details that are part of a whole. Fitting these pieces together makes for the memorable guest experience.

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