Styling Curly Hair: 3 Products You Can Use

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Those who have curly hair will tell you it can be a complete and utter nightmare to style their hair. Many who have to live with curls and kinks daily have even figured out ways to tame their wild locks. Often, it involves the use of special products. Sometimes, it can involve a method known as “the curly girl method,” which is not exclusive to women.

Curly hair is famous for requiring extra care when it comes to added moisture. There are many conditioning products, like the Bella Curls Leave-In Conditioner , which many people love. There are many other products to boot.

However, beyond adding moisture to curly hair, it’s important to use styling products to avoid the frizzes. Frizziness is an incredibly common occurrence with curly hair, and it’s honestly the bane of many curly-headed folks’ existence.

To avoid the frizziness, here are three hair styling products you should add to your arsenal.

Hair Gels

The hair gels of yesteryear works well for curly hair. Depending on your curl pattern, you can use a hair gel from gentle hold all the way to extra hard hold. Be generous with it, too. Hair gel is more affordable than other hair products, anyway.

To use hair gel, apply it generously through your locks while it is damp to wet. Comb your fingers through and scrunch your curls until the gel is evenly spread through. Let your locks to air dry or use a hair blow dryer with a diffuser.

Once your hair is dry, scrunch the crunch out of your hair and it will look flawlessly beautiful with minimal frizz.


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Mousse, especially the ones for curly hair, can enhance your curls and simultaneously minimize the frizz. There are also different levels of hold for mousse, so find one that works for you. Using mousse is also pretty similar to hair gel, so have at it.

One thing you should know about mousse is that if you don’t scrunch it properly, your hair might look a bit “crunchy”, so scrunch afterward when it’s dry.

Curl Cream

A curl cream can enhance your curls without the crunchy appearance. It’s also typically more moisturizing. However, this doesn’t tend to offer as much hold. But at least your hair won’t be looking like it is crispy noodles.

Curl creams are still good to use and apply when your hair is somewhat damp and wet. Apply carefully and allow your hair to naturally dry (or diffuse it) to get a more natural, gentler look.

Remember that no matter what type of hair product you purchase, stay away from silicones and mineral oil. To avoid your hair drying out, also stay away from certain alcohols. If you’re unsure what type of ingredients to avoid, there are a few websites that can help.

Start embracing your curls by maintaining it properly. Choose the right styling products suitable for your curl type. Try these products to help get started. Consult your trusted hairstylist to give you more options or alternatives.

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