Aging Among Women: Essential Needs of Senior Women

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Older women require more extensive care than men. They are the fastest-growing population globally and have surpassed other demographics worldwide. Data has also found that they have life events unique to them that can affect their age.

Women are great contributors to society, and we can help them by arming ourselves with the necessary knowledge about the circumstances they experience as they grow older. For example, we can start by identifying the increase in the growth of their population.

Facts About Seniority and Women

Aging women are a massive part of the senior population worldwide. It’s estimated that there were 336 million aging women worldwide in 2000, and that number is expected to reach one billion by 2050. One hundred eighty-nine women for every 100 men have reached the age of 80 years and older. There’s a much even higher disparity among those that have reached 100 years and older.

Once they’ve reached seniority, their healthcare needs are also much more significant than men’s because they are susceptible to unique events that males don’t experience in their lives.

Events That Can Leave Women in Poor Health Once They’ve Reached Seniority

The course of life can be full of ups and downs, but women are more susceptible to certain events that can leave them with poor health, especially once they’ve reached the age of seniority. These events are unique to women. One of these events is child-rearing and childbirth.

Child-rearing and Child Birth

The process of child-rearing and childbirth is unique to every woman, yet the problems remain the same. People who had a child in the US know of these two events’ costs, and the women who have experienced it firsthand know both the physical and financial aspects of these events.

Childbirth has been known to leave women in despair, especially those not prepared for it. If you’re not ready for it, then consider family planning options first, especially if you don’t have adequate healthcare support from your family or partner. If a woman gives birth without proper support, it can leave them financially bankrupt when they’ve reached a much older stage in life. In addition, you’ll be unable to get your hopes and dreams if you don’t prepare for them accordingly.

Domestic Violence

Although men are also susceptible to domestic violence, the number of women who experience it is much higher. About 243 million women experience violence worldwide, and these numbers have intensified since the pandemic, with estimated numbers reaching between 500 million to a billion. As a result, the United Nations has dubbed this event the ‘Shadow Pandemic.’

The UN urges those that have experienced domestic violence to contact legal services and various non-profit organizations to help them. Furthermore, they urge them to get help as fast as possible to ensure that they don’t experience such an event ever again. In addition, various attorneys and lawyers offer free legal consultation for those victims of such an event.

Domestic violence can lead to a fast deteriorating mental state among senior women. Moreover, it can lead to physical injuries that can be devastating to women that have reached a certain age.

Mental Health Problems

Women are more susceptible to mental health problems than men. The prevalence of mental disorders such as major depressive disorder is much higher in women than in men. Adverse life factors such as discrimination can also exacerbate depression among women.

Although mental health problems aren’t unique to women who have reached the later stages of life, they are the most susceptible to the severe forms of these mental disorders. This is why your health insurance should cover rehabilitation services for your recovery. This is a must for every woman regardless of her mental health history. It’s better to have something and not need it than need it and not have it.

Physical Health Problems

Lastly, we come upon physical health problems. There are certainly physical health problems that are unique to women. Certain health conditions such as Turner Syndrome and Rett syndrome are unique to women. Diseases such as ovarian and cervical cancers are also unique to women as well. Women are also much more susceptible to certain conditions such as autoimmune diseases and heart disease.

Much like mental health, your health insurance should also cover these physical diseases as well. Operations and treatments for these diseases can reach $100,000, and it can be devastating if you’re not prepared for them. Consider applying for government programs such as Medicare to help you. Various NGOs that cater to women can also help you out, such as the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund and Center for Reproductive Rights.

Being a woman can be tough in this ever-changing world. They can be susceptible to all sorts of unique life events that can make aging a lot harder for them. Being prepared for these events can ensure that they can age in place appropriately. Moreover, it can help them function better in society, even if they’ve reached seniority.

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