Saying Goodbye: Arrangements to Make for Your Dying Loved One

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In this world where everything changes a lot and more often than we’d like, certain aspects remain constant. One of these is the fact that we’ll die someday. We’ll never quite know when we will do so ourselves, but if you receive news that one of your relatives is going to soon, then one can see it as a blessing.

Help them prepare for their eventual passing by assisting them with the following:

Make the Arrangements

You’ll never know when your loved one will actually pass on, so it’s best to help them with making their funeral arrangements in Salt Lake City. Ask them how they would like the ceremony to be. Would they be buried or cremated, and if it’s the former, which plot and casket will they choose?

Also, ask which individuals they would like to invite and which funeral home would handle it. Doing this can save time and money for those who will be left behind.

Write the Will

One of the biggest matters that break apart families is what will happen to the property, money, and belongings of the deceased. This usually happens because of the lack of a written will. If your loved one can still write or at least talk, they should make it as soon as they can, and you can offer to help them do it.

Make sure no one’s left out and run it by a lawyer. The remaining family members will come to appreciate it when the time comes.

Make Time for Friends and Family

Your loved one doesn’t have much time left, so what would be better than to let them say their goodbyes to your other relatives? Inform the family of the situation in a calm manner, using all the means that you can, including emails, phone calls, and even good old snail mail.

Let them respond in whatever way that they can manage. If you need to, you can also schedule visits, but make sure that you don’t stress out your dying loved one instead.

Resolve Conflict

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There may be members of your family who are in conflict with your dying relative. Before they depart is the best time for them to settle their differences and make up. If you need to, you can help mediate between them, or you can invite another loved one or a religious leader that you all trust to do so.

It would hurt to know that your relative has died and you weren’t able to say sorry or that you forgive them.

You of all people should know that there’s not much time left for your dying relative. Because of that, you should make all the arrangements for these as early as you can. It will be a source of peace of mind for your loved one, and it will also make the others feel better about their passing.

It will give you this sense of control over the situation, and you don’t have to go around panicking when the time comes for them to depart.

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