Retail Therapy: Is it for You?


We all live various lives in this world. In these lives, we all have one thing in common: we are all busy doing something. Yes, there are some instances in where we might feel bored or not doing anything in general. Yes, there are times when we are asleep, and there is nothing to do but sleep. But most of the time in our waking lives, we are doing some sort of activity. However, some of these activities can lead to a lot of stress.

Stress is an emotional response to a stimulus that we find to be adverse to our current lifestyle. This is why our lives’ challenges will always stress us out because we simply don’t want it in our lives. Stress manifests itself in various ways. It can affect our mentality as a person or our physical health. But short-live stress or acute stress can make your brain function better and be more alert in most situations. In contrast, little stress can lead to anxiety or even depression, which has been seen prevalent among teenagers. Stress is generally good in our lives, as it makes us grow better as a person. But in the US, many Americans are experiencing an unhealthy kind of stress.

Chronic stress or long-term stress is something you don’t want in your life. It’s the kind of stress that seems to be always there, scratching the walls of your brain. It ruins your current lifestyle and puts your entire life in disorder. About half of the American population claims that they are experiencing extreme stress, and ironically enough, they are most stressed about their health. Many of these stressed-out Americans are prone to all kinds of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. They are also prone to inheriting diseases they might have from their parents. It’s leading to a national disaster as more Americans become stressed due to the pandemic.

Currently, various emerging therapies are helping people to cope with stress. One of these therapies is retail therapy. You might not have heard of this yet as it has only been made recently. So what is retail therapy? And is it for you?

Retail Therapy

Shopping is part of our daily lives, even during the pandemic. We now mostly shop online, but some really enjoy shopping in their local store nearby. Believe it or not, this is already some sort of therapy for most people. The idea of buying and obtaining something makes us generally happier with our lives. This is because we can control our feeling of powerlessness in our lives. Once we purchase something, we feel more in control. Studies have shown this fact, and a study also claims that it can alleviate mostly sad feelings but not angry ones. But a question might pop up in your mind, and that is, doesn’t this lead to overspending? Not necessarily.

Not Over Budget

online shopping

A study stated that most who go shopping or do retail therapy actually stick with their budget. For example, women who spend on expensive and specialized necklaces actually only spend their budget on this particular item and nothing more. They would save up for these kinds of items because the reward feels so much better when they stave off weeks of no shopping for a big purchase such as this one. It alleviates the stress they feel in their lives as they gain more control of what is happening through the power of buying.

With all of these things in mind, you might start thinking if retail shopping is for you. Well, there are many things to consider, but most likely than not, you are already participating in this kind of therapy.

Is it for Me?

Many who go on shopping are already participating in retail therapy without supervision. This can already alleviate stress and make you feel better in most cases. But if you tend to go on shopping sprees, then that’s a different situation. Compulsive buyers still do retail shopping, but they are asked not to buy anything, or when if they want to buy something, they have to rationalize it first. This helps them to stay within the budget.

If you’re not a compulsive buyer, or if you are not diagnosed with this particular disorder, then feel free to do some retail therapy in your life. Unlike any other therapy out there, this kind of therapy is open to all kinds of people. Just make sure you stick to the budget, and you only buy the things you need and the items you set out to buy.

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