Protect Your Face from the Sun and Melanoma

Protecting your face and body from the sun using sunblock

Celebrities, models, and almost everyone concerned about maintaining their looks are starting to pay attention to the sun and its harmful effects on the skin. Noted actor Hugh Jackman has been very vocal about his battles with numerous cases of melanoma, warning others about the detrimental effects of too much sun. If you want to keep looking good, then do your best to avoid the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

Get Some Shade

You can’t stay in the shade all the time, but you can make sure that the sun doesn’t hit your face. Celebrities are donning wide-brimmed hats for sun protection, and you should do the same. Straw cowboy hats look good on guys and girls, and they provide excellent protection for your face. If the sun is high, you might want to bring an umbrella. Umbrellas were initially used for sun protection, and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and even Beyonce are rocking umbrellas that match their outfits. Umbrellas provide a lot of shade and most umbrellas, especially dark-colored ones, can block almost 90 percent of UV rays. You can even purchase sun umbrellas, which are designed specifically to block UV radiation. Sun umbrellas can block more than 99 percent of UV radiation.

Lots of Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for trips to the beach. If you think that you’ll be out in the sun for longer than 30 minutes, use sunscreen. Every minute you’re exposed to the sun damages your skin, and damage accumulates through the years. Your daily morning runs to keep fit, they expose you to enough UV radiation to increase your risk of skin cancer and melanomas. If you can’t schedule your outdoor activities to avoid the sun, you need to use sunscreen. Sunscreen can block up to 99 percent of harmful UV radiation for a couple of hours or so. Physical exertion and sweating cuts that time in half, so make sure that your morning runs don’t exceed an hour. You might need to re-apply if you’re out for more extended periods, so bring a small bottle with you on your longer runs.

Don’t Let the Sunshine In

Applying sunblock on face for protection

If you think that you’re safe from UV radiation in your house or your car, you are gravely mistaken. Your short drive to work or the brief exposure to the sun while having breakfast exposes you to UV radiation, and chronic exposure can lead to dire consequences. One way to avoid UV exposure is by treating your car windows with UV filtering film. You can also have your house treated with the same protective film, making sure that those harmful rays don’t get into your home. UV film can block 99 percent of UV radiation, and you’ll hardly notice it if you opt for the clear type of film.

The sun on your face may be a good feeling, but too much sun will have you developing melanomas on that pretty face. Avoid sun exposure and take the necessary steps to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation.

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