Planning for a Memorable Outdoor Wedding

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So you just got engaged and are now in the early stages of your wedding planning. It can be an exciting yet nerve-racking stage of your life, even stressful at some point. However, everything will be worth it once you see the final output, and both of you are already exchanging your “I do’s.”

One of the first things you need to do is to consider the wedding venue. There are wedding venues you can choose from, depending on your wedding objectives. You can choose an indoor venue for a more intimate wedding feels. If you want to have nature as your main background and savor the perfect outdoor weather, you can opt for an outdoor wedding in venues such as The Bowery Kansas City.

Planning for an outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding can be an unconventional type of wedding, unlike the traditional indoor wedding. As the name suggests, this type of wedding is held in an outdoor setting. It can be in a garden, the bride or groom’s backyard, the beach, or any other similar locations.

On the one hand, outdoor weddings are lovely, romantic, and make you feel one with nature. On the other hand, there are several things to consider in planning an outdoor wedding. Aside from choosing the right wedding venue and the best wedding vendors, here are the most important things you need to add on your outdoor wedding checklist:

Back-up venue

An outdoor wedding sure is a dream come true for many couples out there. Just imagine getting wed while overlooking the clear skies and seeing the beauty of nature around you…until it starts to rain. Weather can be unpredictable; that is why it is better to have a backup venue in case of such situations. For example, you can have the ceremony and the reception in a nearby indoor place.

Hair and makeup

You should also consider having a weather-resistant hairstyle and makeup so that you will stay blooming throughout the ceremony. You don’t want your hair blown away to your face while the celebration is ongoing. You should also consult your hair and stylist so that you will have an outdoor-friendly hair and makeup.

Wedding dress

Well, it depends on where you are going to get married. In a beach wedding setting, wearing a long wedding gown that drags on the ground might not be a practical choice. Instead, you can consider wearing a simple wedding dress that goes just above your ankles so that it won’t be caught in the sand. You can also change into a reception dress following the ceremony.

Wedding shoes/sandals

Wearing stilettos or any other high-heeled footwear might not also be practical in an outdoor setting. It will sink into the ground with your every step. Instead, you can wear flats or wedges so that you can walk down the aisle more comfortably.

An outdoor wedding should be planned carefully. You need to consider the weather and the location itself to avoid mishaps later on. Also, you need to take note of your guests’ overall comfort during the entire ceremony. Most of all, you want everything to be successful and savor every moment of your dream wedding.

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