Planning a Mental Wellness Forum in Your Community

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A holistically healthy community is truly one of the factors that fulfill the wellness of one’s self — as growth is not only within, but also in the environment and people that surround you. Having a purposeful part in the community essentially helps you have a sense of belongingness that will amplify the quality of your lifestyle. More importantly, living in a community that fully supports your peace of mind and productivity is also one way of keeping your stressors at bay.

The mental health stigma in our society, unfortunately, remains strong nowadays, especially with the ongoing pandemic in our world right now. Being isolated in your own home for months is definitely enough to drive yourself up against the wall, especially if you are suffering problems with your mental health. Add to that the overwhelming issues and controversies happening not only in our country but in the world as a whole.

Social, environmental, political, and racial issues alike have filled our everyday news, and the downside of being well-informed is that it indirectly affects your mental state. According to Mental Health America, there is still a lack of attention in the unmet mental health treatments for young people and adults.

This is why it is indeed vital for people living in a community to achieve a better perspective in life and unify themselves towards a common goal. A community that highlights the importance of resiliency, good mental health, and overall well-being would lessen the burden that you experience in your day-to-day life as you gain more meaningful connections with other people.

While having common hobbies, interests, and shared experiences certainly strengthen the camaraderie between you and your neighbors, it is also truly important that you communicate more openly with them through proper forums to stimulate healthy growth not only for your relationships but for your growth as well. It is one way for you to reflect on what needs to be changed, and tweak your mindset into a healthier one so that you would not fall into a self-deprecating hole.

By planning a small symposium where you and your neighbors can safely attend in person or may it be through online discussion, you will help your community thrive towards the betterment of your lifestyles.

Finding the right place

Given the current pandemic situation right now, it is best to pick a place that allows reasonable social distancing between you and your neighbors. It would also be ideal if you keep your group numbers small for it to be a lot safer. If one of you has a decent-sized backyard, then you can opt to hold your small event there to save money and it will be a lot safer if you keep the event outdoors. It would also be one way to freshen up your moods as you get to be outside even for a little while, but be sure that the weather’s safe enough for you to hold the event smoothly.

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Look for the right host

Forums like these must always have an emcee that knows how to keep their participants’ spirits up constantly throughout the event. Consider having an experienced emcee for your event that could integrate humor and still be able to address sensitive topics without harming their listeners. Talks about mental health are certainly a bit too sensitive to talk about especially in public, so hiring a host that knows how to tackle the awkward phases of that conversation is truly one way to make your event a successful one.

The goal of your symposium would be to make your neighbors go home full of enjoyment, gratitude, and realizations that will help them integrate a positive outlook into their lifestyles. Might as well look for the right entertainer to do it!

Follow the right protocols

The pandemic is surely not going away any time soon, so you should still be wary of contagion especially that you will be planning for an event that involves a group of people from different households. Just be sure to follow the right COVID-19 protocols to ensure that your event would not be a breeding ground for the virus! Do make sure that none of the activities in your small event would instigate close contact between the participants. While it may be ideal for you to have a small get-together to rinse off the negativity in your mental well-being, it will be a lot more relieving if your participants would not leave the venue with the worry of catching the virus.

Being socially connected to the community helps one to keep in touch with reality and still be able to maintain a calm atmosphere. Mental health is indeed a human right, and no one must be deprived of the possibility of being able to live a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Even if that may seem absurd or unreachable for some, trying to make your community a better place is one step towards mental stability for all. There is nothing with trying, especially when it means making the world a better place to live, even if it just starts in a place as small as your community.

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