Pack Your Makeup Like a Pro: A Simple Guide for Jetsetting Beauties

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Packing, even for a short trip, can be challenging. This is true, especially when you have to bring a bunch of makeup products that are highly “spillable” and may ruin the rest of your belongings. Also, strict security regulations in many international airports have made even truly stressful to pack even a single makeup bag.

Of course, you have the option of purchasing new products as soon as you arrive. But it will not be easy to find your favorite products in another country. Not when they’re limited edition ones like your precision makeup brushes.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to find them, however, you wouldn’t want to spend a considerable portion of your travel budget on products you could’ve easily stashed in your bag. Despite all these new airport regulations, preparing your travel makeup bag efficiently is undoubtedly doable.

Thankfully, there are a lot of reliable hacks you can follow to make packing your travel makeup bag a lot less stressful. To help with your last-minute packing, here are some things you can do.

Small is the way to go

Your entire packing process will highly depend on your choice of a makeup bag. Even if you’re tempted to bring your entire vanity, choose a compact makeup bag that you can easily clean with a regular soap and water.

Or one that has plenty of transparent plastic pockets and a small handle so you can hang it up inside the bathroom or in front of the vanity table. With a compact makeup bag, you can easily access the products you brought. You won’t have to worry about them bouncing around during the transit.

Stick to your daily beauty routine

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The easiest way to make sure you’re packing all your essentials and that you do not forget anything is to go through your everyday makeup routine. These are the items you’ll definitely want to bring when you travel. If it’ll make the task easier for you, write a shortlist of every product you use.

It’s better if you can get them in travel sizes. But, if you can’t, you can purchase some plastic containers at the dollar store and use them only to bring the right amount of products you need. Pack only the essentials, and you’ll be sure to keep your bag compact and a lot more manageable.

Plan around your chosen OOTDs

Here’s another trick to keep your makeup bag light but still functional – plan your makeup choices around the outfits you’re planning to wear during your vacation. You only need a few shades that will match your wardrobe. For lipsticks, bring your favorite nude and one bold red lipstick for a fun night out in town.

For eyeshadow palettes, go for travel-sized ones that have warm matte shades and a few foiled ones. These are enough to create looks that will match any outfit.

Finally, take multi-purpose products with you to lessen your load. Use that cream blush as a lip color or that lipstick into a cheek stain. A precision makeup brush can be your overall face brush as well. That pale, shimmery eyeshadow can also be used as a highlighter.

You’ll only need a few products to create many amazing looks as you explore the world.

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