On Love and War: Arguments to Face When Planning for a Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be crazy, so crazy that sweet, loving couples turn into bitter, fighting pairs even before marriage begins. However, the crazy truth is that all of this is normal. Although you’ve been together for years, you’re still two individuals with unique preferences for your big day. Thus, it’s not surprising to run into a couple of disagreements along the way. What matters is how you resolve such arguments. Treat this as a foretaste to what marriage is like. With that in mind, here’s how you can face these common arguments when planning a wedding:


Money is the root of many couple’s arguments as they prepare for their big day. This affects everything, from the venue, entertainment, and meals at the reception, down to the littlest details. The root of the problem is that partners don’t agree about what things to splurge on and what to save. The only antidote to this is to set a budget. This is one of the basics of wedding planning. You should be able to pin down how much you and your families can contribute. From there, consider how many guests you’re willing to accommodate. Also, consider the cost of hiring wedding suppliers in the Philippines. With these things laid on the table, you’ll be able to set a realistic budget that will hopefully dispel money-related fights.


Another reason why engaged couples fight is that they can’t agree on their respective responsibilities. One feels that their partner isn’t helping enough in the preparation, while the other thinks that someone is overdoing things. In the end, hurtful words will be thrown carelessly, leaving you both resentful with little to no progress in your wedding preps. To manage this conflict, you have to manage expectations as you divide the labor. List down all your wedding tasks and discuss which stuff you can commit to considering your work schedules, family duties, and more. If you want to cover your responsibilities quickly, do what most clever couples do: join wedding fairs. Here, you can get lots of inspiration, build your database of different vendor quotes, and get yourselves excited about your wedding preps.

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Future In-laws

This is what most people don’t anticipate. You go into wedding planning thinking that you will just deal with your partner’s different preferences. However, the truth is, you’re jumping into a pool of unsolicited advice from your in-laws on what the perfect wedding looks like. The rule here is deal with each of your parents. If your mom has a say on your fiancé’s choice of wedding dress, you should be the one dealing with her, not your partner. Consider this as training in communicating with your parents on a new level. Because for sure, you will encounter a lot of unsolicited advice, too, this time about your marriage. It’s important that as early as now, you can tell your parents that your marriage is your business.

Ultimately, when planning for a wedding, you’re bound to have some disagreements with your partner. Still, try not to forget the goal of all of this: to get married. Thus, whenever a tough decision has to be made, compromise and end it with love.

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