Mental Refresher To-do List: Clearing Your Mind

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Our lives often revolve around work and family. We allocate a lot of our time thinking about our job responsibilities, deadlines, workmates, and family members. We have so much to think about that we forget to think about ourselves.

This unhealthy behaviour causes us a lot of unwarranted stress that, if not taken care of sooner, affects our relationship with the people around us. Just as it is our responsibility to keep ourselves away from physical illnesses, we also have to keep our mental health in check.

Take a Break

No matter what we are doing, it’s essential to take a breather now and then. Our bodies and minds are like machines, and they can overheat or break down if we recklessly work them to the ground. This fatigue can lead to a poor mental and physical state, which may lead to us becoming more prone to illness.

Remind yourself daily to take breaks throughout your work. Even just ten minutes away from what you’re doing can help you reset and recharge. For example, if your work includes being in front of the computer for long periods of time, you have to remember to rest your eyes, stand up and stretch your body, drink water, or go to the bathroom. Some people forget bodily functions and needs like peeing, and you don’t want to be one of them!

Exercise More Often

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Many of us are so used to sitting all day at work and just generally trudging through life. We’ve ingrained in us the idea of a hustling and bustling life that, at the end of the day, we want to slouch in front of the TV and melt. Being mentally exhausted has us thinking that any physical exertion is just pain that does not pay off.

This has to be changed, and reframing is in order. More often than not, our idea of exercise isn’t as realistic as we think. Different forms of media have led us to believe that exercise is all about pushing ourselves to the limit, but remember that it starts with small steps. Your first exercise session isn’t and shouldn’t hurt you. The goal is to exercise for a healthy body and mind, and so the progression should not require you to excessively push yourself to extreme limits as athletes do.

With the proper mindset and goal setting, your next step is accountability. You have to make it a point to actually exercise regularly and not just when you have time or when you feel like it. Exercising might feel like a chore in the beginning, but you will definitely feel a positive difference in your overall health once your body starts adjusting to your new lifestyle.

Visit a Professional

Burnout is real and should not be ignored. If you feel that you are no longer functioning the way you used to or are slowly falling into a downward spiral, please seek professional help. There are many ways to recover, and having a professional guide you through your recovery is important.

Whether you choose to go through therapy, get medication, or practice naturopathy, it’s best to get your advice from professionals. Because while there are many resources on the Internet that you can refer to for self-medication, there’s no denying that there is a lot of misinformation and malicious content out there that could harm you more than anything.

Clean Your House

You really don’t want a house full of unfolded clothes, piles of dishes, and dusty floors and countertops. Make sure to regularly do your chores around the house and not let them all pile up. Think of it this way: if you clean your bathroom every week, it’s not as dirty and therefore isn’t much work. But if you try to avoid it, dirt will start to collect, and it will surely be harder to clean. A clean house is more refreshing, and it helps you feel more relaxed.

Also, it’s worth considering that cleaning is a rewarding task. On days that you don’t feel accomplished in your work, try to do a bit of cleaning or organizing. It’s a pretty meditative activity, and at the end of it, you’ll feel like you have finished something. This can also take your mind away from stress, so when you get back to work, you might be able to focus better.

Everyone needs to refresh their mind and take a breather now and then. Especially during such turbulent times as these, everyone needs to recentre their selves to better tackle tomorrow. All it takes is properly taking care of yourself.

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