Keeping Up with Korean Skin Care

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No skin is perfect. That’s why many people, especially females, are doing their part to keep their skin healthy and young-looking. For those conscious of their uneven color, they opt for whitening products like papaya body scrubs or products with kojic acid.  Some even have their skin clinically treated, i.e. cosmetic or plastic surgery. The beauty market has, to some extent, evolved in such a way that it became more inclusive and less discriminating of skin types. The Korean skincare exemplifies this statement.

What is Korean skincare?

Korean beauty is not just about make-up products. In fact, Koreans are more concerned with revitalizing their skins. Cleansing their skin and removing as much dirt as possible. Korean beauty can be summarized through the 10-step skincare routine.

The steps are as follows: (1) eye make-up remover, (2) double cleanse, (3) exfoliate, (4) toner, (5) treatment essence, (6) more treatments like boosters, serums, ampoules, etc., (7) sheet mask, (8) eye cream, (9) sleep pack moisturizer, (10) SPF. It’s amazing how the Korean skincare has shown that there are other products that can nourish the skin aside from moisturizer.

Korean beauty experts, such as Charlette Cho of Soko Glam, explained that the 10 steps are not required to be strictly followed. These are just recommended steps that can be incorporated it one’s routine. Korean skincare is very much embedded in the country’s cultural roots. Koreans highly value appearance and for them, the best way to do that is taking care of the skin. They love their skins too much that they aspire to make them glass looking.

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Beauty for one and all

In the early 2010s, Korean skincare was snaking its way into the Western market. It was becoming more and more commercially available anywhere. Because of its huge success, other Western brands are copying the products of Korean beauty. Since 2015, sales of Korean beauty products have grown to as large as 300 percent. Up to this day, it is still widely accessible in the markets of both Asian and Western countries.

What makes Korean skincare stand out is its marketing approach. It has made a name for itself because the market knows what consumers are looking for. There is a conscious effort to educate them about skin problems and they can be treated with Korean skincare. As a result, it’s rare for consumers to be skeptical of a certain brand because of the common goal and identity that the Korean beauty has always been embracing — to maintain the skin as glowing and flawless as possible. Again, Koreans put a premium on their appearance, so it is only natural that their country has a created a market to attend their needs.

Another marketing strategy of Korean skincare is the innovative ingredients found in the products, like snail mucin or bee venom. Both of which are supposed to hydrate and tighten the skin. These are new ingredients for consumers to be curious of. They would try them because of the benefits that are proven to be effective. Korean skincare would not also prosper in the Western market if it is selective of skin types. Whether one has oily or dry skin, there is a Korean skincare product available. Aside from the quality, the price is also favorable, especially to those who are keeping a strict budget.

Because of the 10-step routine, people all over the world are willing to try out Korean skincare. the products are trustworthy because they are effective. Consumers will also try any Korean beauty brand for as long as it caters what they need for their skin and it is for a reasonable price. Luckily, Korean skincare has both, which makes it easily distinguishable from other beauty markets.

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