Keep Calm and Fly On

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Anxiety comes in many forms. It chooses anyone. It arrives anytime, anywhere.

There are instances, however, when the apprehension, nervousness, and worry interfere with someone’s daily routine. An activity that others consider as simple and mundane can be an anxiety-inducing activity for someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder. Triggers can be both identifiable and non-identifiable, depending on the type of disorder.

The causes of anxiety might occur all at once. It can be induced by environmental stressors, genetics, brain chemistry, and substance withdrawal. Even if the reason can feel unexplainable at times, there are those who are aware of the places, people, and events that cause their anxiety.

There are people whose triggers are being at the airport and travelling on a plane. Understandably, the long lines and ever-changing schedule of flights are stressful. You have to constantly check if you have all the requirements if the flight is not cancelled if the plane already left. Plus, the concept of being stuck in a small space mid-air is frightening. These fears are valid. However, there are ways that can make the experience bearable, so you can go where you’re supposed to go.

Here are some ways to help you prepare for that much dreaded flight:

Book a hotel nearby.

To ease your worry about being late, it’s better to stay in a neighbouring hotel before your flight. For instance, the airport in Singapore has hotels near and inside the vicinity of Changi Airport. You can rest well- a necessity to ease your anxiety- without the worry of sleeping too soundly. Ask the attendant at the lobby to give you a wake-up call on a specific time for added assurance.

Bring your prescription meds inside your carry-on luggage.

If you’re taking meds for your anxiety, or any other illness, it’s important to have access to your meds at the right time. The meds prescribed to you by your doctor can provide you with temporary relief from the symptoms of a panic attack. Flights can be delayed, so having them with you will pose no problem if ever that happens.

Familiarize yourself with meditation techniques.

Meditation and breathing can calm you down during stressful times. Before your flight, familiarize yourself with meditation and deep breathing techniques. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually meditate in a public space, like an airport. You will not need much, only your phone and earphones. You can download an app to help you with the activity or you can listen to nature on your phone’s playlist to block the noise around you.

Find an activity you will enjoy before and during your flight.

Inside a plane cockpit

Being at the airport and on the plane can give you the opportunity to do the activities you enjoy. It’s not easy to suddenly think of flying as a chance to relax. However, you can consider it as your free time. You have the liberty to read a book, watch a film, eat greasy food, or all of the above. Know which activity can keep your thoughts grounded. If work helps you focus, you can try finishing a task instead, so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation. There are different ways to keep your mind off your fears, just make sure it’s a healthy coping mechanism.

If you feel like you’re not in control, remember that you have the ability to turn things around and face your illness head on. Don’t let your anxiety stop you from exploring the world.

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