Hairstyling Ideas to Help Protect Yourself from Hair Loss

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There can only be a few things more alarming for several women than their precious locks losing their volume. While it’s entirely normal to lose about a hundred strands each day, losing more can mean an underlying issue that’s making it happen.

There are several reasons why a person can suffer from falling hair. It can range from genetics to how you style your hair. Fortunately, there are ways to style your hair without causing you to lose its luster.

Avoid doing hairstyles that pull on your hair

Healthline says that hair is flexible. However, studies show that a person can only stretch their hair so much before they permanently damage it. So, doing certain hairstyles like tight ponytails and braids can put too much pressure on your hair. It does so by pulling it away from your scalp. It can even affect the delicate hairs on your hairline, which causes your hair to start thinning. If you need to put your hair up in braids or ponytail, you need to loosen the tie between your scalp and hair later. It’ll give your scalp some time to breathe and ensure that it doesn’t get damaged permanently.

Be cautious about chemical processing

Bleaching your hair is a great way to express your style through your hair. But doing it often can cause your hair shaft to get damaged. Thus, weakening the hair strands, which can lead to hair fall. That’s why the Huffington Post says that it’s always best to stick to your natural color as closely as possible to avoid hair thinning problems. But if you can’t avoid getting a chemical processing treatment, ensure that you deep condition your hair once a week. Doing so will help bring back its lost nutrients.

Look for hair products that promote hair growth

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Hair loss and hair thinning is a massive problem for both men and women. That’s why many companies nowadays create products that specifically target hair growth restoration. There are several products out there that contain various oils and nutrients that can help promote hair growth. All you need to do is find which one will suit your skin to ensure little to no side effects. Using products suited for your hair can help keep your hair’s natural oil and fatty acids. These proteins aid in making it healthy and luscious.

Use a hairbrush with natural fibers

Aside from using a rolling hair styler to manage your hair, using a soft brush with natural fibers can promote the sebum’s healthy production on your scalp. Remember that keratin protein is a significant layer of protection that helps keep your hair smooth. So gently brushing them can help smooth your hair follicles effectively.

Hair loss is a common scenario shared by a lot of people. Although it may seem hopeless, several hair treatments are available in the market. Most of which aims to stop hair loss and even help with its restoration. You can also try to consider your lifestyle and diet and see if it affects your thinning hair. In some cases, dietary and lifestyle changes can improve hair fall’s appearance. Even more, it might even rectify it for good.

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