Hair Care Tips: How to Keep It Cool in the Summer

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Our hair is often one of the most noticeable parts of our outfit. As something that frames the face, it is usually an area that many, especially women, pay a lot of attention to. While there are things that can certainly help our hair pop, there are also things that can make us want to give up and just take some hair shears to cut everything off.

Summer, with its hot, humid air and the unrelenting sun, is widely considered to be one of the most irritating things that can happen to the hair. Not only does it dry out the hair’s natural oils, but the hot air also makes everything seem twice as humid as it actually is, especially if your hair is a little bit on the long side.

However, there are ways that you can beat this summer heat to make the season a little more enjoyable.

Learn how to braid

One of the reasons you are much hotter in the summer with long hair is that the air cannot circulate well outside of your head. Long hair effectively makes a heat sink at the back of your neck, making sure that the heat you generate will have a very difficult time getting out.

Aside from pins and headbands, another thing you can try is braids. Not only do they decrease the surface cover your hair provides (allowing you to vent your heat better), but they also look incredibly stylish when done right! They are also one of the simplest hairstyles to do, requiring little effort and maintenance to pull off.

Cut and layer

Okay, we may have been a little too hasty when we warned about cutting your hair. If you are the type of person who really does not want to bother with braiding or pinning, the best thing that you can do is to cut some of your hair off. Snipping off a lock or two there is not a bad idea.

Asking for a short, layered cut from your hair stylist can do wonders for your hair, aside from having it become all neat and trendy for the season. There is a variety of short cuts that you can choose from, giving you a fashion statement for the summer.

Apply hair care products

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Finally, you can also apply hair care products to help your hair stay cool, such as conditioners and anti-frizz sprays. Not only do these allow your hair to maintain some sort of form in the hot and humid air, but you are also protecting and repairing the damage caused by the sun to your strands.

This does not just go for when you are out and about every day. The things that you do are also a factor in what kind of products you should apply. For example, if you are looking to escape to the beach for the summer, it is important that you apply special shampoo and conditioner to help your scalp and hair cope with the saltwater.

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