Guide to Starting Your Own Shirt Business

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Starting a shirt printing business isn’t as complicated as most people would assume. Gone are the days when you need thousands of dollars in order to start your own business venture. And one of the easiest businesses to pursue is selling custom designed shirts.

Shirts are worn by everyone in the world. And it’s really affordable to make. You can now find great companies that manufacture custom promotional products in Utah and other places. These companies take pride in both their affordability and quality.

But how do you start a shirt business? Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

How to start your own shirt business

1. Get to know your local competition

Before you even start trying to conceptualize your shirt business, you need to identify the local competition in and around your area. You’d want to be able to get the upper hand by learning what shirt designs and business strategies your competition uses. This will help you stand out above other shirt selling brands.

What to look out for in your competition

What type of designs do they do? Who buys their designs? At what prices do they sell their shirts? Are their shirt designs popular?. Use this information to determine what you can do to introduce a better and more marketable shirt brand, compared to the local competition.

2. Find your identity as a brand

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You need to know what type of shirt designs you’ll want to sell. Is it for men, women, or both? Do you want them to resemble sports shirts? Do you have an advocacy or hobby/interest that inspires your design? This is the stage where you can brainstorm what you want your brand to be. Before you can make big decisions for the brand, you need to identify what you want to sell to know how to sell it.

3. Find your supplier of shirts

Once you have a concrete idea of what you want to sell and how you want the designs to look, it’s time to find someone who can actually produce the products for you. This is where you search for a reliable producer of custom promotional merchandise. You need a supplier who can accomplish your shirt design ideas, and who has access to a wide variety of materials. You’d want a company who can do the entire production without any limitations.

4. Market your product

The last part of the process is marketing your product. Use as many free/affordable mediums for promoting your brand, such as social media platforms. They can also sponsor an event and let the people know about your business, join a local event, or create a website. The more you do to get your brand noticed, the more chances you’ll have to sell shirts.

If you can create a great product, promote it the right way and encourage customers to buy enough and getting a good return of investment. The important thing to remember is to make sure you do not copy or plagiarize any design from other businesses. Be unique and bring something new to your local t-shirt-buying market.

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