Getting the Most Out of Your Kedma Hair Mask: Some Useful Application Advice

Asian woman wiping her damp hair

Having dry and frizzy hair is probably one of the things you’d never want for yourself. It makes your tresses go all over the place. It’s hard to manage and can certainly ruin your look.

This is why, if you’re like me who is constantly concerned about how I look like, then you’ve probably invested in making regular visits to the salon. That’s aside from the number of hair products I’ve bought just to ensure my hair ‎will remain shiny and beautiful.

Among all the things I’ve tried and totally fell in love with is the nourishing Dead Sea Hair Mask from Kedma Cosmetics Philippines. Never have I ever found a hair product as effective as the one I’m currently using now.

You see, I consider my locks as one of my greatest assets which is why I take good care of it. This is why I’m very picky when I use hair products. With Kedma Cosmetics’ hair mask, however, I feel so comfortable and satisfied.

The Hair Mask

I first came across Kedma Cosmetics when I was searching for a new treatment for my hair as my hairstylist suggested that hair mask could actually bring back the life of my hair. At first, I was a bit hesitant in trying out a new product, because I’ve had an unpleasant experience in the past.

From there on, I promised not to try anything again. However, my stylist is insistent about it and had asked me to try their new offering, and I declined. As I started browsing online, I found this Dead Sea-based product. I was really curious, so I click through their site and found their catalog.

As I continue scrolling, I saw their hair care section and my curiosity kicks in so I look up for reviews. I’m honestly surprised that there are actually a fair amount of good reviews about their skincare collection, so I just give them a chance.

The Feedback

The moment I rinse off my hair right after treating it with the hair mask, my tresses feel softer. Once it dry, I can see more volume and life into it. It’s like I went to the salon for a treatment. It’s shinier too. Another thing I love about this hair mask is its scent. It smells so good and refreshing.

The Directions

woman receiving hair mask treatment

While hair mask application is pretty straightforward to apply, I managed to come up with some simple tricks allowing me to maximize its effects. Below are some of these steps.

  1. Use hair mask at least one to two times a week. It all depends on how badly your hair needs treatment. If you think it’s dry and has been exposed to the sun for long, treat your hair with it twice a week.
  2. Always apply your hair right after shampooing. Although the package suggests you only leave it on for a good 8–10 minutes, you can actually keep it overnight for best results. To avoid the mess, use a shower cap. Then, wrap it in a towel and secure the wrap in a winter cap or beanie to avoid it from drying.
  3. When applying, massage the hair mask to your hair. In addition, to evenly spread it out. Use wide toothed brush twice or thrice to ensure that you cover every area.
  4. Rinse it off with shampoo, and then conditioner. This is to ensure that there’s no product left in your hair. While doing so, make sure you massage your hair and scalp as it relaxes the nerves and promotes healthy hair growth. After doing so, you’re done! Just wait until it dries and you’ll be surprised how soft it is.

Final Thoughts Hair mask is definitely one of my favorite hair products, particularly the one I’m using now. Although I shell off quite an amount on this, imagine how much I’ve saved on my salon appointments, so it’s definitely worth it. If there’s one product I would advise you to use, it is no doubt this one.

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