Getting That Glam: Choosing the Best Eye Makeup and Hairstyle

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With makeup tutorials dominating YouTube these days, many people probably try to copy their favorite beauty gurus’ signature makeup looks, only to end up looking a bit off. You think you only lack practice, but even after numerous attempts, you might still be unable to achieve your desired results.

It’s frustrating, but not all makeup styles are designed to suit all face and eye shapes. If a certain eye shadow look is perfect for deep-set eyes, chances are it won’t suit downturned eyes. We could say the same about hairstyles as well. Different hairstyles complement different face shapes, so just because one style fits one doesn’t mean it’ll fit the other.

That said, here’s how to choose the best eye makeup and hairstyle:

Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape

If you have hooded eyes, which means a fold of skin covers most of your lids, then a smokey eye makeup with matte eye shadows are perfect for you. Use a base before applying any shadow to prevent the colours from getting messy.

Another eye shape that fits a smokey eye is monolid. You have monolids if your eyelids don’t have a crease. Instead of a matte eye shadow, simply use a kohl eyeliner and diffuse the colour all over your eyelids. This simple look will make your eyes pop.

For wide-set eyes or eye corners that stray a little bit far from the nose bridge, a neutral matte shadow blended all over the crease are ideal, with the lashes in the inner corners brushed toward the direction of the nose. If you have close-set eyes, concentrating the deep eye shadow colours on the outer corners is the trick. Apply a light, shiny color on the inner corners, and finish the look with a cat-eye for a more femme fatale effect.

For folks with deep-set eyes, focus your eye shadows on the bottom lash line, because your eyelids already have a lot of depth. Use rich, neutral mattes for a dramatic effect. If you have upturned eyes, you’re in luck because many different eye shadow looks suit you! Emphasize your eye shape with playful mascara and eyeliner shades. Lastly, if your eyes are downturned, blend your eye shadow upward and curl your lashes well. You may apply false lashes to further lift your eye.

Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

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You can find out what your face shape is through measuring the widths of your eyebrows, cheekbones, and jawline, and the distance from your forehead to down to your chin. There are at least eight face shapes, namely rectangle, oval, square, heart, diamond, round, triangle, and oblong. Allure published a guide on determining your face shape, so take a moment to check it out.

Meanwhile, here are the hairstyles for different face shapes:

  • Rectangle – soft waves or curls, chignons, rounded or curtain bangs, or blunt-cut bangs
  • Oval – waves or curls
  • Square – side-parted and side-swept bangs
  • Heart – waves or curls starting below the ear, side-parted
  • Diamond – deep side part, pulled back ponytail
  • Round – straight hairstyle, side fringe
  • Triangle – short side-swept bangs with wispy styles
  • Oblong – long, retro curls, boho waves, beach waves, or braids

With diverse face and eye shapes, doing hair and makeup by ourselves without proper training can be difficult, especially if we only rely on video tutorials. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced¬†mobile hair and makeup artist, so you can walk into a Gold Coast party looking your absolute best.

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