Getting Ready for a Horse Ride: Things You Need to Prepare Beforehand

Woman in plaid riding a horse

Horseback riding is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It gives the thrill and excitement you can never find in other sport or activity. It must be the allure of nature, or being in carried by a majestic animal. Simply put, it has a certain type of charm.

That’s why if you happen to schedule a riding trip and whether it is your first time or not, there are things you need to do in preparation to get through this adventure safely. As you know, this sport can be a little dangerous — even equestrians would admit this.

So if you want to make the trip well worth it, here are some important things to take note of.

Checking the Horse Gear

This can be optional, especially if you’re on a guided horse trip because staff often checks it in advance. However, it’s still important to check the horse track and see if each set is complete. In Utah, you also have to see if they are set up properly.

For this, try riding the equine yourself and do a test run. See how the horse reacts to your maneuver. If you think the animal reacted unnaturally, have everything readjusted until you and the horse are comfortable enough. This is a must for both beginners and pro horse riders.

Getting into Your Riding Apparel

From head to toe, you have to ensure that you’re all gear up for the ride. This includes wearing a helmet, gloves (it’s a must for beginners), and durable boots.

They affect the way you control the gait of your horse. When you’re planning to go on a long trail most especially, you need to wear comfy and appropriate attire for your own safety.

Knowing the Route

Person holding a compassWhether you’re joining a guided tour or not, it’s still necessary that you take time looking through your route. Familiarize yourself and get ready for the hike. If you’re on your own and hiking on a completely new trail, you could bring a map to avoid getting lost.

You could also take some tips from others who’ve already tried the trail. If you are a newbie in this sport, however, it’s recommended you go with a guide.

Packing the Necessities

This would depend on how long and where you’re traveling. However, try to keep things light because your horse might get tired easily. Only limit your baggage to what you need. Think about what your horse would feel if you pack too much, especially if you’re going on a long trip.

Many expert riders believe that the more experienced you are, the less you will need to bring. Unless it is an overnight trip, that’s the only time you can bring more stuff.

Horse riding is definitely a fun activity. However, there are a few things you need to prepare to make this adventure safe, fun and exciting. From your attire to checking the horse down to packing, these are things you must never forget when you’re going on a horseback riding trip.

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