Expertly Crafted Jewelry that Adds Oomph to Your Wardrobe

Add oomph to your wardrobe by wearing stunning jewelry pieces from one of the gem stores in Washington. You can even have your necklace, bracelet, or ring personalized. Most jewelry stores accept custom orders as well as offer repair services, so feel free to pay them a visit and inquire! Before you go shopping, check out this list of must-have accessories and jewelry items.

Classic Pearls

Pearls are timeless; they will never go out of style. You cannot go wrong with investing in strands of pearls because you can wear them in many ways. They also go with almost any outfit. Try a freshwater pearl necklace over a plain black dress or a white button-down polo for a sophisticated look. If you prefer a longer necklace for layering, go for a colorful baroque pearl necklace.

Antique Jewelry

Vintage pieces promote ethical sourcing. If you are into rare jewelry pieces, a collection made from one-of-a-kind artifacts or eco-friendly materials is a great choice. Many antique jewelry items are hand-crafted with precision and excellent quality standards. An antique jewelry is not only an accessory but also a conversation piece. Express your unique style by wearing a vintage accessory.

World-class Gemstones


To create beautiful necklaces and pendants, reputable jewelers combine precious and semi-precious stones with gold and silver. To make sure that no two pieces in your collection are ever alike, request custom orders. The price usually depends on the design and the materials used to create the jewelry items. Some of the common gemstones that jewelry stores in Washington offer are the following:
agate, jade, jasper, obsidian, quartz, and turquoise.

Timeless Diamonds

Just like pearls, diamonds are classic fashion staples. They look simple yet add a luxurious touch to casual clothes. Diamonds are also versatile enough to go with any outfit. Accentuate your plain blouse and a pair of jeans or your basic evening dress with diamond studs and a simple necklace with a diamond pendant. If you are wearing a bold diamond necklace, you can skip the earrings. Otherwise, your ensemble will look messy.

Mixed Metals

Gone are the days when you were limited to wearing either gold or silver accessory based on your skin tone. Some people say that gold best suits those with dark skin and yellow undertones, while silver is for those with cooler complexion and rose undertones. Keeping it simple is actually the trick. Avoid wearing gold hoop earrings, silver cuffs, as well as chunky gold necklaces with silver layers all at once. To accessorize your neck stylishly, try gold and silver multi-strand necklaces—no chunky pieces. You can also leave out the necklace and still be stylish with gold hoops, a gold watch, a silver charm bracelet, and a multi-finger ring!

You can have statement pieces that are designed according to your specifications with the help of skilled and experienced jewelers. Let them know what particular necklace you are looking for as well as which stones or what features you want to highlight. To give you an idea, jewelry pieces made from world-class gemstones are the best options. These elegant pieces are perfect for any occasion.

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