Diving: The 3 Kinds You Need to Try in Life

sky diving

Life comes with its share of ups and downs, and great experiences can be defining moments that combat the persistence of stress. Diving is an exciting activity that doesn’t have to be reserved just for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies. Multiple studies have shown that those who try diving get a decrease in their stress perception in general. Plus, there is a different dive for anyone looking to experience the most that life can offer.



People are often afraid of this activity simply because humans are flightless beings that are pretty much wired to want to avoid falling from a height. However, one only needs the right professional guidance and effective equipment from the paracord rope to the parachute. This activity can be a completely safe way to feel that rush of adrenaline and soar through the skies with a bird’s eye view unparalleled by other experiences.

The National Safety Council has shared data that shows how an individual would have a higher probability of being struck by lightning (a rare occurrence itself) than having a skydiving accident. Tandem skydiving with an instructor is a great way to feel controlled danger while knowing that someone experienced has everything managed properly. From the jump to the moment of descent, skydiving can offer you a sensation that is truly memorable from start to finish.

Cave diving

On the flip side, the world also has a lot of natural wonders underground. There are thousands of known caves you can explore. We have the thrill of discovering the secrets of nature right under our noses or the simple joy of basking in the wonders of places mostly undisturbed by hulking manmade structures and habits.

This is a great recreational activity to try, but it also opens up a lot of avenues for learning about the world around us and furthering what we can do for the environment. You can stick to the less deep portions if you want to experience it, but the full dive is exhilarating. Of course, it would require you to dive with professionals who can guide you with proper underwater equipment and practices. There is the additional danger of traversing a cave site, so you need to be prepared for these conditions when trying this one.

Ice diving

This type requires more special equipment because of the environmental conditions that you will put your body in. Of course, any adventure like this would need you to take precautions and follow strict procedures, so don’t miss out on the excitement of ice diving.

This is essentially a scuba dive but done under a layer of ice, which is prominent in regions that are coated in layers of it. The important gear here is those that protect you from overexposure to the cold elements of the area. Once you’ve got that covered and you have a protective line at the ready, you can explore the deep waters and the life underneath the surface we often miss out.

Whether you want to take on a new hobby for your well-being, you are looking for an escape from the daily grind, or you want to tick something off your bucket list, there is always a dive perfect for you.

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