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A person’s smile should be the first thing someone sees. It says a lot about who a person is and smiling not only feels good to do, it makes other people feel great as well.

This is why it is so important that people are confident with their smiles, so that they can share them with the world as often as they can. Unfortunately, there are so many little things that can dent somebody’s confidence and force them to falter in spreading that joy.

Whether it be crooked teeth, broken teeth or stained and discoloured teeth, if it negatively impacts a person’s self-esteem and they are self-conscious about it, then this will have negative impacts on their confidence. It will also affect their outlook and their demeanour and as a result, this may impact their personal and business relationships as well.

Cosmetic dentistry can be a solution to many of these problems; where abnormalities, that patients thought were something that one simply had to live with, can be replaced, covered, repaired or cleaned with ease. Treatments such as white fillings, teeth whitening, veneers, implants and invisible braces all come under this umbrella with continual advancements in technology allowing for faster healing times and quicker procedures.

What does a patient need to consider?

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It is important for a patient to feel comfortable whilst discussing their lifestyle and resulting options with a non-judgmental and understanding dentist so that they can decide on the best option available to them. Each procedure has a positive effect of improving the appearance of a person’s smile and each result will vary.

Some procedures are more suited to others depending on a person’s lifestyle and a dentist can provide their patients with specific information on this.

For example, dramatic teeth whitening may be unwise if someone has a lot of old fillings and crowns as these do not lighten. This particular person may have to look into replacing these old fillings.

What are some of the procedures that are frequently done?

Porcelain veneers are a great and long-lasting solution for a tooth that is slightly out of line or for teeth that are chipped or badly stained. Small gaps can also be corrected using veneers. They are somewhat alike to a false nail, being placed over the top of a natural tooth to present a perfect looking smile.

Teeth whitening can be provided either in the dental clinic or options can be provided for a patient to whiten their own teeth at home. Of course, the in-clinic option will provide results within the hour, but a patient may see results from an at-home treatment within a few weeks.

A long-term solution to crooked teeth and correcting a bite would be the subtle use of invisible braces. Gentle pressure over a long period of time is used to train teeth into the correct position. Treatments have become much faster and comfortable than those from the past.

Whatever corrective cosmetic dentistry that is desired, there is a treatment option available for whoever is willing to speak to their dentist and discuss all the potential options. There are dentists who are specialised in cosmetic dentistry. In South London you can find a cosmetic dentist in Bromley.

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