Chiropractic Care: Four Questions to Expect from First-Timers

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For individuals who are getting treatment from a chiropractor in West Jordan for the first time, the entire process can be scary. This is why it is important that the practitioners assuage their clients’ worries. If not, this can have an effect on their sessions. If you are not careful, your clients’ disposition can even warp their reception of the procedure, making them think that the entire process is just a waste of time even if it is not.

So, what should you expect from first-time clients at your clinic? Are you ready to answer their queries? If not yet, read on to learn how you should respond to their questions in ways that you can alleviate their fears.

“How long will it take?”

This can be the most pressing issue for a lot of clients since sometimes, their schedules will not be able to accommodate multiple sessions. While the exact length and number of sessions are determined on a case-to-case basis, the important thing is to help them understand that completing the sessions are crucial. Not only does this ensure that their treatment takes effect, but that aftercare is also attended to.

“How painful will it be?”


After a physical examination, your clients might ask if the adjustment process itself will cause any pain. Again, this is a case-to-case basis and your answer may not necessarily reflect the reality. But, a good way to address this question is to get to the heart of why they asked it. They may be feeling nervous or guarded, or have a problem about being touched. When asked on the idea of pain, always introduce the idea that this is not supposed to be painful — but it will definitely be something that they will feel.

“How much will it help?”

This is the trickiest question that your clients can ask since it requires many sessions and a period of observation to determine the full effects of a chiropractic adjustment. In this case, be careful to set their expectations accordingly. While some adjustments have an immediate effect on some clients, there are some that need consistent work over a period of time to be felt.

“Is it a permanent solution?”

It is important to differentiate the two kinds of pain that chiropractic practice addresses: acute and chronic. Briefing your clients on the kind of issue that they have is the best way for them to understand the effects of the treatment on them. It may be entirely possible that your adjustments may only be a temporary solution, and in order to find more permanent relief, drastic methods such as surgery may be required.

Again, remember that the well-being of your clients is not only physical in nature. Each chiropractor must be acutely aware of the mental state of their patients and deal with each worry accordingly. This is especially important with first-timers to your clinic, as their initial visit will inform their decision about their possible return — and chiropractic clinics in general.

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