Our Childhood Experiences Have a Hand in Our Future

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Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in every society. This is because they cannot fulfill their needs on their own, which makes them highly dependent on others. The needs of most children are fulfilled by their parents and designated guardians. If these needs are not met, their safety and survival are at risk.

Kids are still developing their minds and bodies. They are in the process of learning everything they can about the world around them. While these multiple mental and physical developments happen naturally, they greatly rely on the care that they receive.

The responsibility that parents and primary caregivers have on their kids is significant. Childhood is a long phase that can influence our quality of life as adults. Every aspect of their development is affected by their experiences as kids. Parents need to recognize that the childhood experience of their kids rests on their hands.

Adverse Childhood Experience

With that, every parent and guardian must make their kids’ childhood as pleasant as possible. These kids deserve a childhood with good experiences with guided development. Plenty of adult conditions is traced back to childhood experiences.

Adverse childhood experiences can affect us throughout our life. These are experiences that cause trauma and heavy stress to children. These experiences include neglect, abuse, bullying, broken families, an unstable home, and loss of close family members and friends.

The trauma that these negative experiences cause can be a risk factor for several health conditions. These experiences have been linked to the development of depression and substance abuse. Conversely, positive experiences can help children avoid these conditions. Positive experiences can be the reason that they may thrive in life.

Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds. Parents often find this challenging. With that, let’s look into several initiatives that parents can do to ensure their kids have a wonderful childhood experience.

Creating a Good Childhood Experience for Your Kids

Creating a Bond

The thing that makes this challenging is that childhood experiences can be affected by many things that are not entirely within the control of parents. Despite this, parents can still try to create positive experiences. One way they can do this is to build a bond with them.

There are many activities that kids and families can do together for leisure. Most of these activities can be done during annual holidays when most family members are available.  Parents can plan their vacations during these holidays or participate in activities that are unique for the season.

For instance, barbecues are great every Fourth of July. Families can get together and enjoy local fireworks displays in their areas. Some holidays also have more kid-friendly activities. Halloween attractions for children and Christmas parties can be a unique experience that they want to participate in every year.

Some activities don’t even have to happen during holidays. Parents can make time for their kids to do sports and play games every weekend. They can conduct game nights every week so that they can have something to bond over. Despite the variations, parents should make it a priority to create a meaningful relationship with their children.

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Help Them Socialize

Children may develop more protective factors when they socialize. Interacting with other kids can help them learn social skills that teach them how to behave with other people. This can also help them meet friends and can make meaningful relationships with them.

Socializing can only help them find an avenue for self-expression as well as stress relief. Their friends can also be a source of emotional support. Parents should help their kids socialize. It may help to enroll them in classes that fit their interests. For young kids, scheduling play dates with other kids may help them start early with their socialization.

Providing Them With Moral Support

Of course, kids are not immune to stress. And as much as we try to protect them from the disappointments and frustrations that this world will offer, this is sometimes out of our control. Thus, parents should provide the needed emotional and moral support that they need to deal with the stress that life may give them.

Parents should learn how to help their kids understand negative situations. They should also acknowledge how their kids feel when undergoing stressful situations. Providing emotional support for kids can be easier when we pay attention to their needs.

Let Them Play

It may not seem like it, but playing is an important activity for children. Not only does playing help them experience positive emotions, but it also helps them develop their critical thinking and social skills. Kids are also practicing their creativity and imagination during their games. Letting them play can essentially help in their development.

Our kids will eventually become adults that will contribute to society. We should try our best as parents to help them grow into kind, functional adults. Of course, this task will never be easy. So let’s try our best to give our kids the support and care they deserve.

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