How Biking Can Help Stop the Cycle of Negative Emotions

During these trying times, people do not have the privilege to cope the way they usually did before. Back then, it was easy to go and grab a drink after a long stressful day at work. It was easier to invite friends over to a sleepover when you just got dumped. Lastly, it was easier to go out in the middle of the night to take a drive and clear your head.

When someone is going through something, acknowledging the way they cope helps manage the pain, and it also helps monitor harmful tendencies. For example, if you know that shopping makes you feel better, you will be able to set enough budget for your coping mechanism. Or, if you take solace in distracting yourself with work or chores, you allow yourself to get busy. However, what if you are the type of person who likes to escape for one moment, breathe, gather their thoughts, and get their life back on track? How would you do that now that the world is going back and forth with lockdowns?

The answer is biking. Before you raise a brow, this article will tell you how biking can help people going through something.

Biking Gives You Time to Be Alone

Some people seek comfort in others through support groups for recovery or grief and bereavement programs for loss. However, for some people, being alone relieves them of the overwhelming emotions they have. These people usually are the ones who need time to process what they are feeling and accept things.

We have mentioned driving in the middle of the night to clear your head, and biking is similarly close. There are only a few things that are different and even better. Biking takes physical strength and stamina, and physical activities are known to take the edge off for people. It helps with anxiety and depression. It lets you breathe by allowing your body to focus on biking itself. If you keep pedaling, you will realize that you have already reached the outskirts of your city, and you won’t even notice what’s hurting.

If you are new to biking, it’ll be best to ride one that is not too large and fast for your size. When you make biking an escape, take it slow to make sure you are safe.

Biking Will Boost Your Appetite

People who are going through something only have two tendencies with food. Either they overeat or don’t eat at all. Biking can help with both, but more so with the latter. Undoubtedly, if you do not eat, your health will eventually degrade. Your friends and loved ones can support you through it all, but if they’re not available, biking can help you forget your troubles.

See, biking is a physical activity that will shred your energy. It will hurt your thighs so bad, especially going uphill. Therefore, your body’s natural responses would be thirst and hunger to make up for the lost energy. Biking as an athletic and therapeutic activity is not that simple. It is not the same as those bikes you used to enjoy when you were younger. Mountain biking and road biking will physically challenge you (though it is not extreme), especially if this is your first serious attempt.

However, the wonders of biking do not stop there. Not only will you find yourself eating lunch and dinner on time, but you will also fall asleep faster. If you have been struggling to fall asleep lately because of what you’re going through, you will be happy to find out that after a long day of biking, you’ll be knocked out after lying down in bed.

Biking Is for Thrill-seekers

We have mentioned the physical struggle of uphill biking, but that is nothing compared to the joy of going downhill. Perhaps one of the biggest joys in biking is going downhill beside a pleasant view. It is akin to free-falling, but you’ll have all the control. When you hit the perfect gear in both derailleurs, you will run down smoothly. There will be nothing but the warm air against your face and arms.

If you ask mountain bikers and road bikers what’s the best part of biking, they will all tell you about the view and downhill experience—something anyone who hasn’t been feeling positive lately needs.

Final Thoughts

Coping is different for everyone. However, for those who take solace in being alone, biking will do you good. It is an activity that will provide you alone time, peace, and even endorphins!

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