Acne Myths That You Need to Stop Believing

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There is that one point in everybody’s lives (apart from the slightly blessed few) that come across that one dreadful stage: the acne breakout. The thing is, once people have reached that particular age, a lot of changes go with it both physically and emotionally.

One physical aspect that almost everyone goes through and hates, is the appearance of acne. Almost everyone had that specific phase in their lives who has experienced the awful sprouts of acne in places that they do not want them and has gone out of their way to treat acne here in Salt Lake City to make them disappear.

Acne is a common occurrence especially for people who have hit puberty, but did you know there are a handful of facts that people have believed about acne all their lives, but in the, actually turned out to be false and is actually a myth? Here are a few things you thought were true about acne.

Myth Number One: Your Diet Has Nothing to Do With Acne

For the longest time, people believed that what people eat or their diet has nothing to do with the sudden sprouts of acne. A thoroughly yet proven to be flawed research conducted between the 60s and the 70s concluded that eating chocolate is not actually associated with acne.

This study was so popular that no one bothered to do other research on the relationship between a person’s diet and acne for over 40 years! Today, Jennifer Burris and her team of researchers are finding out that there is indeed a connection between a person’s diet and acne.

They tested the research on over 200 people and looked at their diet and found that those who eat sugary food, unhealthy fats, and consume dairy products and eats less fish, are more likely to have moderate to severe sprouts of acne.

Myth Number Two: Make-Up Makes Your Acne Worse

While it is true that some make-up products could make others’ skin react because of its sensitivity, and that some products do clog your pores and ultimately lead to pimples, but with the right type of make-up it could actually improve acne.

Also, it all boils down to whether or not the make-up is removed thoroughly on your face before going to bed. Sleeping with make-up on overnight is highly discouraged for some products, as it affects the skin in different ways.

For make-up that helps improve acne, you may try products with powder-based mineral foundations infused with ingredients like silica, zinc oxide and titanium oxide. It is proven that make-up products with these ingredients absorb oils that could clog your pores.

So the next time you go shopping somewhere for make-up, be vigilant not only with its brand but inquire on their ingredients as well!

Myth Number Three: Toothpaste Can Magically Heal Your Zit

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While toothpaste indeed contains ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, menthol that could dry out your pimples, be mindful that, well, toothpaste is not made for your skin! So the next time you put on toothpaste on your zit, you could be trading one problem for another for it might result in rashes and cause abnormal redness on your skin.

Instead of reaching for the closest toothpaste you have there for your acne remedy, try using products like spot treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide, but is actually created for your skin!

There are a few myths that people continue to believe about acne these days, and it is time to extinguish them like how you would when you want your pimples gone!

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