9 Asian-Style Interior Design to Invoke Serenity

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Are you looking for a fresh, modern design that pays homage to Asian-inspired style? Look no further. This guide will give you ten of the best Asian-inspired design ideas that you can incorporate into your home today.

Modern Asian interior design can transform your home into a serene, tranquil space and make it stand out. If you’re thinking of straying from the traditional American style home and delving into a more Asian-inspired theme, contact your Salt Lake City-based exterior and interior designer now and present these ideas:

1. Bursts of red

In Chinese interior design, bold colors are typically used to make the room more appealing. Red, which symbolizes good luck in Chinese culture, is a prominent color in Chinese-inspired design. Red centerpieces can stand out in an otherwise bland room.

2. Bringing nature in

A key aspect in Japanese zen design is the incorporation of natural pieces inside the house. To evoke calmness and serenity in rooms, add natural materials such as bamboo, stone, and wood items or textures.

3. Toned down color palettes

Color palettes in most Asian-inspired homes are generally more toned down and unstraining to the eye. Consider repainting your rooms with soft pastels and natural colors such as white, gray, brown, or green, and then matching the furniture with it.

4. Ornate pieces

Incorporate culture and history into your home by adding ornate pieces such as vases, sculptures, and intricate paintings. Not only will they serve as conversation pieces for your guests; they are also an excellent way to balance minimalist designs.

5. Sound of water

small pond at home

The sound of water is known to promote a feeling of calm and positive energy in the atmosphere. Consider adding a small fountain or a decorative pool in your entryway, garden, patio, or backyard to achieve this effect.

6. Scents

Fragrant scents can turn your bad day into a good one. Adding fragrances to your home can transform it into a spa-like relaxation space that you will appreciate after a long day at work. Examples of pleasant aromas are those that come from oriental scented candles, incense, and naturally fragrant plants or flowers.

7. Wind chimes

Wind chimes are known to replace negative energy with a positive one, commonly known as “chi.” Adding wind chimes is a cheap yet effective way to make your space more pleasant.

8. Minimalism

You may notice that most Asian-inspired home decors are uncluttered. In Feng Shui philosophy, too much clutter can “trap” bad energy in the home. That is why minimalism is so important for many Asian cultures. To achieve this theme, minimize the amount of stuff that goes into your home, from furniture down to the smallest pieces of clutter.

9. Soft separators

Instead of using walls to divide a room, Asian-inspired interior design uses screens, glass, and dividers to keep rooms separate while still maintaining a semi-open space.

Many Western homes adopt Asian-inspired themes because they are often more relaxing and culturally-rich than traditional Western home designs. Try incorporating these modern designs to tie in minimalism with culture and give your home that serene vibe you’ve always been craving.

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