6 Corporate Events Ideas for Prosperous Startup Companies

corporate party

Your organisation of less than fifty people deserves an amazing treat after delivering a spectacular performance. Luck may have a lot do with your startup’s speedy progress, but your hardworking employees deserve more credit than anything else, and you, too, as the company owner who made everything possible in the first place.

Milestones call for epic celebrations, so where should you spend your immense fortune? If you still haven’t got any idea, here are some awesome corporate events to choose from, all perfect for small organisations:

1. Something Impromptu

If your team enjoys spontaneity, surprise them one day with an impromptu celebration in the office. It can be as simple as calling in an ice-cream cart service during lunch or having everyone stop working for the rest of the day for an on-the-spot mini team-building activity. Your unsuspecting team will surely be appreciative of such an unexpected treat, especially if their tasks have been draining them a lot lately.

2. Arcade Games or Sporting Tournament

Arcade games are a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of today’s digital technology. Your team can enjoy talking about and reliving your childhood days spent in arcades. Trigger everyone’s competitive edge by giving out prizes to the winning team!

But if your team is more into sports and is also an athletic bunch, a sporting tournament may be more appealing to them. Divide them into teams as well with their own uniforms to spark unity and their love for winning, and of course, don’t forget the prizes for the winners, too.

3. Workshop

Before going big on your celebration, gathering your team for a workshop beforehand may help prepare them better. It also gives them the chance to look back on their own personal achievements, and discover more of their potentials. In addition, workshops can also cover broader topics like leadership and negotiation, two things that are essential for any business organisation. Your team will leave with plenty of insights and discoveries about themselves and their capabilities, motivating them to strive harder in helping your company achieve all its goals.

4. Yacht Party

yacht party

If you want to flaunt your company’s success on another level, go try a yacht party. High-class yacht rentals in Singapore, for instance, offer a fantastic, one-of-a-kind experience for those who’d like to party in style. You’d get to enjoy sumptuous meals and drinks while cruising a beautiful city, watching the lights dance, and possibly witnessing a fireworks display, too! It’s an amazing treat your team will never forget, so keep on grinding until you make yacht parties a tradition!

5. Red Carpet Gala Dinner

A gala dinner may be designed for large organisations, but that only makes it more fun and exciting for a small team. It would be more intimate, and getting everyone to interact won’t be a problem. To make your gala dinner even more unforgettable, and a bit theatrical and comical as well, have a red carpet at the entrance and a paparazzi-style photo wall.

6. Fundraising

Giving back is another outstanding way to celebrate a milestone. Find an organisation with a commitment that’s close to your heart, and invite a representative of theirs to your gala dinner or team-building activity. Be sure to also invite your affiliates, because they may be encouraged to donate large sums of money to your chosen organisation. Engage with the org’s activities as well; for example, if it’s an animal shelter, visit a local shelter with your team and play with the adorable rescues. Find out what more can you do to help as well.

Whether in big or small ways, every company milestone deserves to be celebrated. It’s also an opportunity to recognise your team’s hard work, boosting their morale. On top of that, corporate events are something exciting to look forward to each year at least, giving your team the motivation they need to achieve your yearly objectives.

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