4 Hacks to Keep Your Makeup in Place All Day

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Attending events, especially glamorous ones such as weddings and fashion shows, usually means that you want to be dolled up for the whole day. You definitely would want the makeup to last on your face the whole day and, of course, it would be best if you could look fresh even after hours of getting glammed up.

Below, we will discuss a couple of things you could do to make sure that your makeup will stay on your face the whole day without smudging. Make your appointment at your favorite makeup and hair salon in Orem count with these:

Use a Good Moisturizer and Primer

The first thing that you should do — or at least ask your makeup artist to do — is to use a good moisturizer and primer on your skin. The moisturizer will prep your skin for the makeup. This will also help with dry and flaky skin, as makeup tends to look cakey on dry skin.

Choose a primer that’s suited for your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, then use a primer that is meant for dry skin. If you have oily skin, then opt for a mattifying primer. This will help the makeup adhere on your face a lot better, plus, it will also serve as a barrier for your skin to help avoid clogged pores.

Opt for Cream Products

If you want to look chiselled and your makeup to last all day, then it would be best for you to use cream products rather than powder makeup items. You would think that cream products will melt off easily, but if you choose the right brand and the right type for your skin, then you can expect the makeup to stick to your face like glue all day. However, you should avoid using cream products on your eyelids, especially if you have hooded or mono lids. It would still be best to use powder eyeshadow on your eyes, plus, this is easier to blend, too.

Powder it Up

Once you’re done with the cream and powder products, it’s time to powder it up. The powder will act as a “sealant,” which will prevent your makeup from melting off. Never apply the powder before the cream products, as you will have a hard time blending it, plus, your makeup will look cakey if you do it this way. Additionally, you should never pile the powder on your face. Loose powder is best used for this, as you can easily control the amount that you would be using. Apply a thin layer and you are ready to go!

Set it with a Setting Spray

Setting spray on the face

Lastly, make sure to use a setting spray! It might seem counterintuitive to wet your face right after putting all of those products on your face, but this tip actually works! You do not have to drench your face with the spray, as the makeup will melt off if you do that.

Simply take a mattifying setting spray and place it about six inches away from your face. Make sure that the mist is fine so that it will evenly distribute the product on your face. Gently spray the product on your face a couple of times and fan it out to dry right away.

Never reapply powder on your face after a couple of hours of wearing the makeup, as this might make your makeup look cakey. If you ever need to get rid of extra oil on your face, it would be best to take a blotting paper or a tissue paper and simply press it on your face. Remember not to wipe — just blot and press to make sure that you’ll be getting the extra oil out.

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